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Thoughts on Thursday
Breakfast Club Run
OTF with Corrie
Post workout rolls
She’s bringing wine.
Blessed Good Friday
Treadmill.  Core.  Smoothie.
Rainy Day Roses
Awesome mail day!
Speaks the truth
Long run fuel.
Here it comes.
What’s your long run or race for the weekend?
Who’s tapering and how’s it going?
What are your Easter plans?
Have a wonderful Easter weekend and choose JOY!

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  • http://www.thechiathlete.com/ Tiffany @ The Chi-Athlete

    EXCITING THINGS! <3 <3 <3

    Easter plans = hangin' with Sophia, begging her for some of her Easter candy.

    • http://jenchoosesjoy.com jenchoosesjoy

      Nothing wrong with that!! Have a Happy Easter!

  • http://www.sarahruns26.com Sarah @ SarahRuns26

    My Easter will start out with a 16 mile long run. Not enough time to do it today since we’re traveling to see family for the day! That is the BEST mail day! Have a great weekend Jen, and Happy Easter!

    • http://jenchoosesjoy.com jenchoosesjoy

      Safe travels, have a great run, and Happy Easter!!

      • http://crazyrunnerblog.wordpress.com joannaraines

        Easter plans are church and lunch with the family :) so excited for your fun Boston mail!

        • http://jenchoosesjoy.com jenchoosesjoy

          That sounds like a lovely Easter!!

  • http://cupcakesandmiles.wordpress.com cupcakesandmiles

    What a fun post! Good luck on your long run!

    I actually just signed up for the Route 66 Marathon, so it looks like I will be spending time tomorrow researching training plans. :)

    • http://jenchoosesjoy.com jenchoosesjoy

      That’s so exciting!! It looks like a great race. :)

  • http://gretchruns.wordpress.com Gretchen | Gretchruns

    I had a5k race today and it went really well! Now I’m making cookies for Easter dinner with family. Have a great holiday!!

    • http://jenchoosesjoy.com jenchoosesjoy

      Congratulations!!! Have a very Happy Easter weekend!

  • Yissel McCardie

    Raced my first official 10k today. I placed 3rd in my age group(41-45) with a time of 52:50. I have never been top 3 before. Crazy excited about that =-)…Easter plans: church in the morning then Easter lunch with the whole McCardie gang. Your pink roses are beautiful. By the way, every time I read your blog and twitter posts I can really feel the “joy”. It really brightens my day and gives me energy from how much energy I feel through your posts. Happy Easter!

    • http://jenchoosesjoy.com jenchoosesjoy

      Oh my gosh…that’s so exciting!! Congratulations!!! Thank you for your kind words and have a very Happy Easter!!! ?

  • http://www.runningnreading.com Running ‘N’ Reading

    I had a great race yesterday, Jen; hope you’re having a great weekend and I love your Pop Rogas! You definitely shine through – as always. 😉 Hope you’re enjoying a wonderful Easter Sunday!

    • http://jenchoosesjoy.com jenchoosesjoy

      Happy Easter to you, too!!!

  • http://twitter.com/BackAtSquare0 BackatSquare0 (@BackAtSquare0)

    Looks like an amazing week.
    I LOVE OTF, and getting to run in Boston would be a dream.
    Have a fabulous Easter!

    • http://jenchoosesjoy.com jenchoosesjoy

      Thank you and I hope you had a wonderful Easter, too!!

  • http://www.dixieruns.com Maddie @ Dixie Runs

    Beautiful easter flowers and great run! I had a 9.5 mile run today which as wonderful… But now I want pizza and a smoothie and champagne and sushi :)

    • http://jenchoosesjoy.com jenchoosesjoy

      That’s an awesome food combination!!

  • http://leerunsdistances.wordpress.com FLRunnerBoy

    Today’s long run had me dancing around half Mary distance since the start of this injury :)