3 Post-Run Favorites

A huge group of my friends are racing the Franklin Classic 10k/5k on Labor Day. The course has changed, so we wanted to check it out this morning. It was a great opportunity to eat at Frothy Monkey. I wish every run ended with breakfast.


Oatmeal with strawberry and banana…


and a soy cafe au lait.


I stopped by my house to put on dry clothes and ran a few more miles before taking a GRIT class.


I’m a little embarrassed by this pic, but does anyone else’s bathroom look like this after running?

We like to stay at the Watercolor Inn a few times a year (it’s my happy place). These hooks are intended for beach towels and swimsuits, but they are perfection for runners. If we ever remodel our master bath, I want a wall of hooks.


After GRIT class I did my regular Post-Run Routine.

1.  After every run, I drink some Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate.    I first tried it after reading this article from The No Meat Athlete.


2.  I also like to drink some Svelte Cappuccino Protein Shake.  Post-workout protein helps speed recovery.  It’s vegan, no mixing is required, and it tastes great!


3.  After a long run, I drink Vega Recovery Accelerator.  Apple Berry is my favorite flavor.


If I’m home, I’ll mix it into my Glowing Green Smoothie.  If I’m away from the house, I pack it in my Cyclone Cup and mix it with water.



The bottom unscrews for dry storage of the Vega powder and the cyclone technology mixes better than any other shaker bottle.

I tried to rest a little this afternoon and ice my broken toe.  I can tell that the swelling is getting better…yes!

I met my husband for a sushi dinner.


And ended the day with a cupcake from IveyCake.


Do you use any recovery products, shakes, etc…?

Is your bathroom covered in sweaty runner clothes?


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  • Kate

    The wall of hooks is an essential! We have one and love it, although my boys sports gear monopolizes most of it. So, yes my bathroom is still covered in sweaty runner clothes. Love the Isagenix IsaPro shakes for recovery. Glad your toe isn’t keeping you down!

    • jenchoosesjoy

      I’ll have to check out those shakes…thanks for the recommendation!

  • Running ‘N’ Reading

    Jen, I’ve decided that if I quit running I might only have to do laundry once a week – ha! :) Those running clothes get a little out of control, don’t they?!? Especially when you have two runners in the house…

  • Sarah

    We are always running out of places to hang sweaty clothes! I always run to the bathroom to clean them up when someone rings the door bell. No one else needs to see all of our sweaty clothes!

  • Rayna Hinson

    Oh that cappucino recovery drink looks good. Will have to check that out at whole foods!!!
    I use the Body by Vi nutritional Shake mix by Visalus after long runs and breakfast smoothies/ and mix it with oatmeal !! It is amazing , has all the nutrients you need in a day , gluten free, lactose free …mixes with just about anything..i have even put carrot juice with it and kale & blueberries , just about everything ! I get a Bag for free every month from the company because i got 3 friends or family to use it too ! Where did you get the Tart cherry juice ? Im all about recovering better and good nutrition to fuel my runs and make me feel good !!

    • jenchoosesjoy

      I had never thought to mix a breakfast smoothie into my oatmeal…genius! I order my tart cherry juice from Amazon. I’m sure you can find it locally. I have an amazon prime subscription, so it’s just easier to order it.

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