August Miles and a GIVEAWAY!

Another month is in the books!

August Miles: 341
YTD:  2,602


Monday:  High Fives for EVERYONE!

Never Miss A Monday!  5:30am felt really early, but my friends made it fun!

After lots of fun junk food at the CPSR, I had lunch at The Juice Bar to get some fruits and veggies in my body!

Track Prep:  Cocogo (discount code: JENCHOOSESJOY all caps), GU, and my handy-dandy post-it.

Track Tuesday:  Can you believe it’s already September?!!

Most of us are running a Labor Day 10k/5k next week, so this week’s track workout was “a little” easier.  It’s a 400m workout run at your 1-Mile Pace.

I did a 5 mile warm-up

4 x 400m (60 seconds rest) Goal: 1:35 Actual: 1:36, 1:35, 1:35, 1:34
1 x 400m recovery lap
4 x 400m (60 seconds rest) Goal: 1:35 Acutal: 1:35, 1:36, 1:35, 1:33

1 mile cool down

It was our last “official” summer speed workout.  Yes, we continue them year round, but not as a giant Fleet Feet training program, lol!  So…we celebrated with breakfast after!

In honor of Taco Tuesday…

I made homemade restaurant-style salsa to go with TVP Vegan Tacos from My Veggie Chef!

I got some suh-weet new gear in the mail from We Run Social!

Wednesday: A little humpday humor, lol!

I started the day with an uber-hilly and hot run through Percy Warner Park with my friends.  Corrie surprised us with the best watermelon after our run!!!

The Flying Moneky Marathon (November 22) is run through PWP and is notoriously challenging.  I came home to this ominous reminder from Jason that it’s almost ‘Monkey-Time’ again…

September is Better Breakfast Month and I’m partnering up with Coach’s Oats for a few giveaways throughout the month!  The first starts TODAY to win a big bag of their awesome oatmeal!  Visit my Instagram page to enter. 4 WINNERS will be randomly selected.

To Enter:

1.  Follow @JenChoosesJoy and @CoachsOats
2.  Tag 2 friends in my comments!

That’s it….super easy!  Open to U.S. residents only.  4 winners will be randomly selected on Monday, September 7 at 11:59pm CST.

BONUS: Save 20% off your order at with discount code: FitBBM

****Have you bought your CHOOSE JOY t-shirts and tanks yet?   Don’t forget that I’m donating 100% of the profits to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital!  This is just one of the awesome tanks….there are a lot more options!  Click HERE to order!

Favorite oatmeal toppings?

How was your running for the month of August?  Are you keeping track of your mileage?  I never did until last year.  It’s fun to watch it accumulate!

What’s the toughest race you’ve ever run?  Flying Monkey Marathon was definitely the most challenging course for me!


Join the Conversation

  • Jamie

    Great week of workouts! (and food!)
    Oooh…favorite oatmeal toppings…cherries and almonds.
    I didn’t run a single mile in August. Unfortunately, I’m healing an injury. :(

    • JenChoosesJoy

      Hopefully you’re healing well, and the time off will leave you running stronger than ever!!!

  • Katherine Noel Hamilton

    My August miles were SO close! I ran 38… miles! Ha! 😉

    Also, ordered my tank, can’t wait to wear it!

    • JenChoosesJoy

      Thank you SO much!!! Are you running Memphis again this year?

      • Katherine Noel Hamilton

        Nope, I’m running a local race in November. Love to support you and St. Jude though! :)

  • Sarah @ SarahRuns26

    Already ordered my tee! :) Great mileage this month! I wish I could hit even 75% of your miles! Wow! Have a great day Jen!

    • JenChoosesJoy

      I sound like a broken record, but THANK YOU!!!

  • Jill Aldred

    Oooh, I love putting fresh berries and cream on top of oatmeal. It never winds up being a low-calorie dish for me, but it’s so, so worth it.
    August was terrible for mileage! I keep my workouts on a calendar by my desk, and June and July were great, while August just sort of….(trailed off like that sentence!). September will be better!
    Toughest race I’ve ever run was the only race I’ve ever done with my husband. He was new to running, and I was just coming back to it after months off, and it was slow, and hot, and difficult. i’ve done more challenging courses, but mentally that one takes the cake.

    • JenChoosesJoy

      The August heat makes it such a tough month!!! Running in the fall weather will feel incredible!!!!

  • Angie @ Pace with Grace Blog

    I track my mileage using the Nike Running App. Its easy to add my runs in the app and it keeps track of total miles and also shoe mileage which I love! I like dried cranberries, cinnamon and almond milk on my oatmeal.

    • JenChoosesJoy

      I love that it tracks show mileage…so cool!!!

  • bubblyrunner

    I love oatmeal so much, I had a bowl this morning! Favorite toppings: protein powder, cinnamon, cocoa powder, and almond butter. Toughest race so far has been the Rock n Roll DC half marathon. Those Coach’s Oats look delicious!

    • JenChoosesJoy

      What’s your favorite protein powder? And what are your favorite flavors?

      • bubblyrunner

        I love Sunwarrior Protein! It’s vegan and has never upset my stomach. I’ve tried whey and soy proteins in the past and they always cause issues. I stick with the vanilla flavor since its versatile, but I’m tempted to try the chocolate too!

        • JenChoosesJoy

          Awesome…thank you!!!

  • Suzy Slane

    Nailed the track splits as usual! NICE.

    • JenChoosesJoy

      Thank you!! They were tougher than expected!

  • Rachel

    You’re a running machine! Great inspiration :)

    • JenChoosesJoy

      Thank you!!!????????????

  • Jamie Whittendale

    Woohoo I’m all entered! Fingers crossed for some good oatmeal :) Best topping… cinnamon with a bit of honey :) and some berries if they’re in season :)

    • JenChoosesJoy

      Good luck!!!

  • Alaina @ The Simple Peach

    I agree with Sarah (below) but I’d settle for 50%! You are a running machine!

    • JenChoosesJoy

      Lol…thank you!!!

  • Laura Olinger

    I think it is so sweet that your husband leaves you cute notes!

    • JenChoosesJoy

      They make my day! ????

  • Lynn B

    You are absolutely a running MACHINE. I envy your body’s ability to endure all that running. Question – you look so toned overall. Very fit. Do you regularly lift weights in addition to running 7x a week?

    PS I meant to comment on you being Vegetarian the other day not Vegan. Sorry about that:)

    • JenChoosesJoy

      I do some free weights 5 days a week. I also try to do some core work each night before bed. And, thank you!!!!

  • AmandaM

    Yay to your August Miles! You are super inspiring in helping me to realize how lucky I am to be able to run and to GET OUT THERE. I’ve always loved running but I’m truly starting to recognize the absolute joy it brings. Corny but true. Sorry :)

    • JenChoosesJoy

      I’m super corny and feel the exact same way!! I was haut filming my next YouTube video and said the same thing!

      • AmandaM

        aww :) awesome.

  • Amanda B @ Cupcakes and Miles

    It may make me sound boring, but I like my oatmeal plain- well a little sweetener, but nothing else.

    My toughest race was of course WDW because it was my first marathon ever. Although, I feel like Route 66 in November is going to take the cake. I hear it’s hilly! 😉

  • Abby

    Wow. That is a ridiculously amazing total of miles!
    Over 10 miles a day on average. WOW!!!!