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Weekend Wrap-Up

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!! I was registered to run Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach this weekend,...


August Miles and a GIVEAWAY!

Another month is in the books! August Miles: 341 YTD:  2,602 Monday:  High Fives for EVERYONE! Never Miss A Monday!...


I Finally Had a Good Russian!

I had a bit of a bumpy start to my Monday…computer issues…blah, blah, blah… When in doubt, run it out!...


Track Tuesday: The Kennedy

Track Tuesday: Track prep:  My splits, a ziplock bag to protect my post-it from my sweat (gross), Huma gel, and...


“How I Run” Q&A

I was tagged by Ivanna at Petite Heartbeat to answer some running related questions.  You can read her answers HERE!...


Still Feeling the Colorado Love

Thursday: I was up way too early.  This seemed fitting. Two things were wrong with this picture… We had an awesome...