They said it would be a cold morning up on Lookout Mountain…they weren’t lying!  It was super windy, sleeting, and I LOVED it!!!


We started the day with breakfast at the Bluegrass Grill while we waited on the sun to rise.


Then we headed up the mountain to run!  Trail running makes me feel like a little kid.  We ran the Big Daddy Loop that goes down the mountain and back up.  I think we connected 10 or more trails to make the loop and we only made 2 wrong turns!  Even though it was sleeting on top of the mountain, the leaves were gorgeous and I LOVED the trails!





We made it back to the top of the mountain with a view of the city.


I’m pretty sure it was a little more running than my husband anticipated, so we went to Urban Stack for veggie burgers and beer afterwards.  He forgave me:)


Sweet potato fries might be one of my favorite foods in the whole world.


We went to our favorite coffee shop…Rembrandt’s



With our coffee in tow, we went back to the room for a siesta…where I may or may not have had a cream cheese brownie in bed.


Before dinner, we did some shopping.  This little store must have known I was visiting.


For dinner we headed to Public House.



Public House has the BEST veggie plates!



Breakfast at Milk & Honey.  It was super cute.  Next time we’re in town, I want to go back for gelato.  The flavors sounded awesome! (Side note: I don’t think the server was picking their nose…I just caught them in a bad pose.)


Their oatmeal and housemade granola were so good!


After breakfast we went for a run around town and made sure to stop and watch the regatta.


Blue sky and fall leaves…perfection!


Before I knew it, it was time to pack up and head home.


I took advantage of the car time to finish up the recipe for Baked Caprese Quinoa!  Gotta love MiFi.


The good news: I got to see my puppies and this month’s Picky Club order arrived….love the new packaging!!


The bad news: My husband is a thermostat nazi and we came home to a freezing cold house.


Are you a thermostat nazi, too?  If I move the temp, he’ll follow behind me to adjust it.  Married life for the win!

Are you having cold weather too?  Fall leaves?

Did you race or long run this weekend?  Share!!!


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  • Whitney Earnest

    Hi Jen! Just curious… What is mifi??

    Sent from my iPhone


    • jenchoosesjoy

      Its a little wireless internet hotspot box. It lets me have internet on my laptop anywhere theres a verizon signal.

  • Chelsy Cork

    Oh my goodness! Chattanooga looks gorgeous! And I love dessert in bed!! Looks like you had a perfect weekend.

    • jenchoosesjoy

      It was beautiful and the perfect little weekend getaway :)

  • Mar on the Run!

    wow!! all these pictures look AMAZING! I’ve never been to Tennessee but get to head to Nashville in a couple of weeks – so excited!

    • jenchoosesjoy

      I know im biased but nashville is an awesome city!

      • Mar on the Run!

        yay, fun! now I’m excited!!

  • Eat Pray Run, DC

    what a fun weekend! the food + the runs + the views = awesome! really like the scarf you’re wearing to dinner :) i’ve read about milk + honey in a magazine before, sounds great!

    • jenchoosesjoy

      Thank you so much! :)

  • Running ‘N’ Reading

    Hilarious!!! I am the thermostat Nazi; did it just this morning in fact – ha! I went out for my run and returned to find that darned man of mine turned the temperature up while I was gone; I turned it right back down. 😉 I’m so glad you had fun on your trip! Quick question: what is the brand/style of the armband that you have on in one of your pics? I want to purchase one, but there are SO MANY out there and I would love a good recommendation. Thank you! :)

    • jenchoosesjoy

      Its an ArmPocket. Ive tried a bunch snd this is the only one that is small enough for me.

      • Running ‘N’ Reading

        Thank you so much!

  • lmicklich

    The running & the food all looked fantastic! I’m a little jealous. We also went out of town this weekend, to a wedding, and came home to 54 degrees. YIKES! I immediately decided to crank the thermostat.

    • jenchoosesjoy

      Thats too funny…we had the same weekend!

  • mary @ minutespermile

    i ran the chattanooga 4 bridges half just a couple of weekends ago, and also headed to urban stack afterward! SO GOOD!

  • susan @2chixrun26

    All this food looks delicious! And I think we are married to the same person:) We definitely have a difference of opinion when it comes to the thermostat.