Coffee on a Camel

I drink my Monday coffee on a camel.  Don’t you?


With coffee in ‘toe’, let’s catch up!  Sorry…couldn’t resist a camel toe joke.  What’s wrong with me?!


After a week off, I was so excited to run with the Brentwood Breakfast Club!  I’ve been using the heating pad before runs to loosen up my achilles.


6 miles without any pain.  We had lots of talk about ‘Sassy Pants’ on our run!


and breakfast afterwards with these awesome friends!



I also had another PT session with Leah at ProMotion for some more ASTYM treatment.  It’s really helping me!  As I ease back into running, Leah has me on an every other day schedule.

Hi, my name is Jennifer and I’m addicted to Organic Girl Lettuce.  I now buy it by the case.


For dinner, I made homemade tomato soup with cauliflower crust cheese sticks…so good!  I’ll post the recipe soon.



RUNEMZ had this Virginia Woolf quote on her IG page…love it!  She won 1st female in the Coldwater Rumble 100-miler this weekend.  What an inspiration!!


I hit up the gym to spin and lift.  It took me a while to notice that the bike mileage got stuck, so I’m not 100% sure how far I ran.


Came home to another encouraging post-it:)


Jason and I set down for dinner to look over plans for my blog…SO EXCITING!!


Friday night coffee prep means that I finally get to go for a Saturday morning long run!!!



I paced the Fleet Feet Country Music Marathon 4 hour training group for their long run.  My heart was SO happy and I didn’t have any Achilles pain…woo hoo!!


Also it snowed!!


And there was a little (ok, maybe a lot) of ice, but no one fell!  They did however rap!


Fleet Feet passed out our new training shirts…so cute!


Saturday afternoon, our friends were celebrating their daughter’s 2nd birthday!  How cute is this?!!  I was excited to buy Frozen presents.  And, that cupcake was delicious and lasted 30 seconds.


I woke up with a sore throat:(

I tried to push through it with the breakfast of champions…


and a gym workout: 21 miles on the bike and weights.


I still felt crappy, so I actually took a nap (crazy!  I actually wrote a post about ‘How to Nap’) and had some soup for lunch.


I’m about to knock myself out with this Mucinex Night Time…hopefully that will do the trick and I’ll feel like a million bucks in the morning:)



Did you race or long run this weekend?  Share!

When was the last time you were sick?  How long did it last?

Did you get any snow this weekend?


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  • http://leerunsdistances.wordpress.com FLRunnerBoy

    The soup and stick look super yummy annnnnnd YAY!!! to pain free Jen that is awesome news and just got my Monday off to a rocking start. I must say though that all that time in the gym has given you some guns for arms chica lol 😉 “sleep is like a time machine to breakfast” haha love it!! And I need to get one of those fleet feet “banana” shirts 😀

    • http://jenchoosesjoy.com jenchoosesjoy

      Thanks so much!!!

  • http://www.ksrunner.com Sarah @ KS Runner

    You took a nap?! Whoa…that is crazy! I love the Fleet Feet shirts – so cute! Also, the guy in the blue shirt in your 4-hr training group looks like Jonah Hill! Have a great week Jen!

    • http://jenchoosesjoy.com jenchoosesjoy

      Thats how i know i was sick! Have a great week!!

  • Brooke

    I just recently discovered your blog, and what a timely discovery it was! I too am in training for Boston…with a cranky achilles! Seeing your positivity despite your injury keeps me positive as well. :) I would love to see a post summarizing all the things you are doing to address your achilles issue. Also, I love your recipes. Keep ’em coming!

    • http://jenchoosesjoy.com jenchoosesjoy

      Thats too wild that we’re in the same boat! Im a tually on the spin bike right now so i can run tomorrow. Im trying to be smart as i ease back into running. Thanks so much for reading and have a great day!!!

  • suzysuzyheather

    I’m really happy for you that your achilles pain is gone. LOVE the banana shirt.

    • http://jenchoosesjoy.com jenchoosesjoy

      Thanks!! Fleet Feet did such a cute job designing the shirts:)

  • http://charissarunning.wordpress.com charissarunning

    Yay! I’m glad you had some pain free running! That’s the best!

    • http://jenchoosesjoy.com jenchoosesjoy

      Thanks so much!

  • http://fitsickle.com fitsickle

    Yay for pain-free runs!! Camel toe, haha, love it. Give me those cheese sticks!!!

    • http://jenchoosesjoy.com jenchoosesjoy

      The cheese sticks dipped in the tomato soup were so good!!

  • http://eathostrunstyle.blogspot.com Sun

    Those cheese sticks look amazing! Looking forward to seeing the recipe :)

    I raced on Saturday – an indoor marathon relay! It was a great race and fun to race with other people. There should be more races like this one!

    • http://jenchoosesjoy.com jenchoosesjoy

      Ive never run an indoor race before…sounds like fun!!

  • http://laurainlou.wordpress.com lmicklich

    We had some freezing rain here in Louisville on Friday and I was praying that it wouldn’t stick around for our Sunday group run and my prayers were answered! It’s funny that you got more snow south!

  • Paige

    When you run do you run listening to music? Or do you like to run without it?

    • http://jenchoosesjoy.com jenchoosesjoy

      I typically run without music if im outside. I have to have music on the treadmill, though!

  • http://www.runningnreading.com Running ‘N’ Reading

    Oh, gosh, I hope you feel better soon, Jen! I was just telling Jonathan (my husband) how excited I was that you had a 6-miler on Saturday with no pain (and sharing your heating pad technique with him because his Achilles is acting up again, too) and then went on to read that you aren’t feeling well. Hopefully the meds are helping and you’re getting plenty of rest. We haven’t had any snow yet, and I’m not complaining. 😉 Great weekend recap and I hope you are well soon!

    • http://jenchoosesjoy.com jenchoosesjoy

      Thanks so much! Im already feeling better and so excited to run again in the morning:) The heating pad pre-run is working wonders to loosen my tight achilles!

  • http://www.mommiesrun.com Cecilia @ MommiesRun

    I hope you are feeling better, Jen! I can’t believe you guys got snow and we got nothing here! It looked so pretty in that picture from the FF run. I love the training shirt btw! Have a great week!

    • http://jenchoosesjoy.com jenchoosesjoy

      Thanks so much!! And, FF did a really good job with their shirts:)