The greater Nashville area has been hit with an ice storm.

I’m sure it’s humorous to our friends to the north, but we don’t have the salt or plows to handle snow.  And, the thick ice is no joke.  I’ll run in snow, but this ice is a no-go for me.

So, this week has been full of treadmill running and cabin fever!  I really, really, really miss my run friends.

With an eminent storm, we stocked up…Costco jackpot! (Two of my favorites…Svelte Cappuccino Protein Shake and NuttZo)


Treadmill, weights, and a green smoothie from Daily Juice (in the snow!)

I got out for a Starbucks and THEY WERE CLOSED!  At least it gave me an excuse to leave the house.

Jason was making fun of my “baby pants” when we were doing laundry.  Run tights are so small when you’re not wearing them!

For dinner, I made a Spinach Artichoke Quinoa Bake…so warm and hearty on a snow day!  I’ll have the recipe posted shortly:)

Fat Tuesday!

Let the good times roll!

Our track workout was cancelled, because it’s more like an ice skating rink.  Nashvillians have literally been ice skating on the street!

Fleet Feet Nashville was celebrating their 13th Birthday, so I ran 13 treadmill miles to celebrate!  I am loving my Saucony Zealots!

Some of my playlist for this run:

311- Down
Shakira- Empire
Miranda Lambert- Little Red Wagon
Rihanna- Hard
M.I.A.- Bad Girls
Kanye West/ JayZ- Who Gon Stop ME
Grace Potter- Paris
DJ Khaled- All I Do Is Win
Kanye West- Stronger

It became obvious that the ice wasn’t going anywhere, so they cancelled schools for the rest of the week.  All of our restaurants are closed, too.

Fresh flowers are really helping to keep my spirits up!

I took Fat Tuesday very literally and ended the day with pizza and tiramisu.

And, a cupcake.  Don’t judge.

Ash Wednesday:

10 treadmill miles and core work. (Operation work off the desserts!)

And The Perch opened back up!!!  (My shadow looks like I’m 9 months pregnant…it was my giant handbag!)

All of the church’s were cancelling their Ash Wednesday services.  Thankfully the Catholic church by my house was held a service!


Then my car got stuck in their parking lot:(  A very kind gentleman got me back on the road:)

Lastly, my friend Lisa took this gorgeous picture!

Did you celebrate Fat Tuesday/ Mardi Gras?

How do you keep your spirits up in the winter?  How do you fight the winter blues?

What’s the longest distance you’ve ever run on the treadmill?  17 Miles for me.

Do you prefer TV or music for treadmill runs?  Music for me!

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  • http://flyingfeetinfaith.wordpress.com Jess@Flying Feet In Faith

    I strongly dislike being cold!!! Lol it’s hard to keep my spirits up. So I went for a run outside anyway. Almost slipped a few times but just getting off the treadmill was sheer joy! And I’m so glad to see your Fat Tuesday meal because, I too, indulged in pizza and dessert. :-) Ohmygosh. But you are so tiny. Your baby pants are as tiny as you! I’m short and stubby lol well…here I go back to the treadmill. School is still closed here due to ice. Over it.

    • http://jenchoosesjoy.com jenchoosesjoy

      I’m on the treadmill again this morning. I’m hoping to get back outside tomorrow!! The pant stretch…a lot!! Stay safe and warm:)

  • http://www.RUNNINGaroundmykitchen.com Beth @ RUNNING around my kitchen

    I’m going crazy being so house-bound too! I was finally going to get out of the house today with our boys and I ended up at the doctor last night with one of them…..he’s contagious for 24 hours so I’ll be inside again today. I have the Arkansas version of your Tennessee picture for my post tomorrow :) I went through a phase where the treadmill didn’t bother me to much and I once did a 20 miler on it. Not sure how I got through that and don’t think I could do it now!

    • http://jenchoosesjoy.com jenchoosesjoy

      I heard that Arkansas got the crazy weather, too. I am so impressed with your 20 miler on a treadmill!!! Stay safe and warm:)

  • http://fitsickle.com fitsickle

    Definitely just put those protein shakes on my costco list!! 10 miles is the furthest I’ve run on a treadmill. And I listen to music, podcasts, tv.. Have to switch it up to keep myself entertained!! Hopefully we won’t get too bad of another round of this snow stuff tomorrow!

    • http://jenchoosesjoy.com jenchoosesjoy

      Fingers crossed it won’t be too bad. I really want to do my Saturday long run outside!!!

  • http://www.marontherun.com Mar on the Run!

    So much awesomeness in this post. You snow day outfit I’d gorgeous!!! And all the memes, haha. DC pretty much shut down Tuesday over 4, maybe 5 inches. Ridiculous but I was happy for the snow day and extended long weekend. Excited to see the quinoa bake recipe, that looks amazing!

    • http://jenchoosesjoy.com jenchoosesjoy

      You guys definitely got more snow than us…stay safe and warm!!

  • http://leerunsdistances.wordpress.com FLRunnerBoy

    Longest treadmill run to date for me is 16 miles. And pizza, tiramisu, and a cupcake!!! … ummm gurrrrllll you know I love my sweets so I’m soooo not going to judge. As a matter of fact … I didn’t even see you eat it or hear you mention it ha lol 😉

    • http://jenchoosesjoy.com jenchoosesjoy

      I like your attitude. Let’s just act like Fat Tuesday never happened!

      • http://leerunsdistances.wordpress.com FLRunnerBoy

        Ha! Deal! lol 😉

  • http://www.ksrunner.com Sarah @ KS Runner

    I have to watch a show while I’m running on the treadmill. I need my mind to be occupied and music just doesn’t do it for me! I record shows specifically to watch on the treadmill (generally Food Network or the Kardashians [or something equally tragic] that don’t have a plot so if I miss part of what they say, it doesn’t matter). All this snow and ice is crazy! And Kansas has YET to get any significant amount of snow all winter! We will probably have a freak snow storm in May now (its happened before).

    • http://jenchoosesjoy.com jenchoosesjoy

      I’m so ready for the warmer weather of May!! Real Housewives have been my treadmill guilty please.

  • http://laurainlou.wordpress.com lmicklich

    The longest distance I’ve ever done on the treadmill is 7 miles. I have to have some combination of a good podcast + speed work to make it bearable. Tips for how to do a long run on one?

    • http://jenchoosesjoy.com jenchoosesjoy

      I cover the screen with a towel so I won’t watch the clock. Good tv or music really help, too:)

  • http://charissarunning.wordpress.com charissarunning

    I’m so sorry about all that ice. It doesn’t look so fun there right now. I’ve been confined to the treadmill as I recover from injury because I don’t want to slip on the ice that still lines our sidewalks here in NJ too.
    My longest treadmill run was 17 miles too!

    • http://jenchoosesjoy.com jenchoosesjoy

      17 miles is the sanity limit! Stay safe and warm:)

  • http://www.minutespermile.com mary @ minutes per mile

    pizza + tiramisu. yum! this weather is crazy. stay warm!

    • http://jenchoosesjoy.com jenchoosesjoy

      You too!!

  • Joe R.

    I’m somewhat surprised to see a few songs on your playlist that are on mine as well. There aren’t many people who share my taste in music.

    • http://jenchoosesjoy.com jenchoosesjoy

      My music taste is all over the map!

  • http://readeatwriterun.com M @readeatwriterun

    That cupcake looks amazing.

    Gorgeous photo.

    Longest treadmill run to date 25.2 miles.

    LOVE podcasts. First was NPR (live) then music, now I’m hooked on & obsessed with podcasts. Have watched a few running movies on tmill, which is ok. Used to watching morning news till I realized it was stressing me out during my run. Stopped that!

    • http://jenchoosesjoy.com jenchoosesjoy

      That’s some super impressive treadmill mileage!!! I stopped watching a lot of news for the same reason.

  • http://movinitwithmichelle.wordpress.com Movin’ it with Michelle

    I used to think snow was so pretty, until battling winters these last 2 years in the Chicago land area. It has been confirmed we will NOT be living here forever, LOL!!! As you’ve read, my ongoing battle with the treadmill is very real, hehe!

    • http://jenchoosesjoy.com jenchoosesjoy

      I love Chicago, but I can’t imagine living there during the winter!

      • http://movinitwithmichelle.wordpress.com Movin’ it with Michelle

        It’s tough!!!! We will move south in a few years I am sure!

  • http://alsoranagain.com alsoranagain

    Ha! Those snow memes are hilarious. The comment about Southerners freaking out about snow applies to those of us who live in Western Washington, too. They cancel school here even if only 2 inches of snow have fallen.

    I didn’t celebrate Mardi Gras because I had Pilates after work. Unless you consider doing exercises on a medieval torture device to be “celebrating.” :) Exercising outside usually keeps my spirits boosted during the winter, although if our weather was anything like yours I would stay inside. The farthest I’ve run on a treadmill is only about 8 miles because I get easily bored. I prefer music when I’m ‘milling it, unless I’m watching something really engrossing, like “Homeland.”

    • http://jenchoosesjoy.com jenchoosesjoy

      I’m glad to know its not just southerners! That Pilates class sounds legit…great job! I loved the most recent season of Homeland.

  • http://www.runningnreading.com Running ‘N’ Reading

    Jen, kudos on your long treadmill run – sheesh. Eleven miles is my treadmill PR – ha! 😉 I’m pretty sure I was supposed to do 12 that day and somehow that last mile just seemed like too much. Thankfully, true winter doesn’t really last too long around here; it’s tough to remember in all of this ice, but I know it’ll be over pretty soon. I usually watch television shows on the treadmill; you know I’m trying to watch ALL of “Parenthood.” I’m really enjoying it.

    • http://jenchoosesjoy.com jenchoosesjoy

      With all of this ice, now is the perfect time to watch parenthood!!

  • danielle

    wow high fives on the 17 miler on a tm! that just pains me to think about lol. 2 years ago i had 18 miles on schedule and my only option was to do it before work, which meant i had to do it on a treadmill at 4:30am… omg that sucked. i’m not kidding, i don’t miss that at all. i really wanted everyone at work to give me a medal for my achievement but nobody gave a hoot. but seriously, i’m such a wimp when running in cold weather that if i had, i might do it again. i’m super slow, so that just means i’ll have to watch a lot of Scandal on my ipad :)
    happy friday!!! and happy chinese new year, year of the goat!

  • http://twitter.com/edigrigoli edigrigoli

    I’m late catching up/stalking blogs sooooo….

    I made veggie/organic sloppy joes and sweet potato fries on Fat Tuesday…#noms

    Training for the NJ marathon right now and just keep the hopes of a BQ on my mind while not being able to run outside pretty much at all( I live in upstate NY). We’re also planning our wedding, so that’s keeping occupied!

    18 was the longest I’ve run on a treadmill….mentally so tough!

    On my long runs, I’ll try to find a movie to keep me occupied, otherwise music for sure!

    Have a great weekend Jen!

    • http://jenchoosesjoy.com jenchoosesjoy

      I love sweet potato fries and now I’m craving them!!
      Wedding planning will definitely keep you busy. It’s such an exciting time:)
      18 on a treadmill is so impressive!!!

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