July Miles


I met up with this awesome crew for a hilly run through Percy Warner Park!

For dinner I made a Southwest Quinoa Salad and served it in lettuce wraps….SO GOOD!  I’ll type up the recipe soon.


On Thursdays, I get to run with the Brentwood Breakfast Club!  We took a field trip to Germantown! (Thanks Shannon for the awesome graphic!!!)


Such a fun group!

Per usual, the outtakes are the best!

We all hung out over coffee at Steadfast after the run!

I met up with the Fleet Feet Dirtbags for an evening trail run/mixer.  Bad*ss chicks wear pink!


9 treadmill miles and weights.  An empty gym is perfect for shenanigans.

I had to go straight from the gym to breakfast.  A ball cap makes everything better, right?!  And…waterproof mascara!


Another month is in the books!  It wasn’t a peak mileage month, but I feel like I put in some solid work…or werk!

July Miles: 346

YTD: 2,261

How was your July running?

What was the best thing you cooked or ate this week?

Exciting plans this weekend?  My in-laws are coming to visit!

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  • http://www.minutespermile.com mary @ minutes per mile

    next time “brentwood” breakfast club comes to nashville, lemme know! :)

    • http://www.jenchoosesjoy.com JenChoosesJoy

      Will do!!! Also, follow The Brentwood Breakfast Club on facebook.

  • AmandaM

    Hi Jen, how many miles are in a peak month for you?

    That graphic is awesome!

    Thanks and happy weekend!

    • http://www.jenchoosesjoy.com JenChoosesJoy

      360ish for peak weeks. I hope you’re having a great weekend!!

  • http://ultrafootpath.blogspot.com/ Melissa

    Can I please point out the women in the BBC picture, directly in the middle with the blue baseball hat on has amazing arms!! (jealous!)
    -July running was good. I am running just to run now and it feel awesome! This weeks total (because it included most of July) will be around 23.5! my most in one week :)
    -My husband and I had a date Thursday night at Uno’s I had the GF pizza with a GF ceaser salad! sooooo yummy!
    -This weekend is a family weekend and lunch Saturday with girlfriends, this mama’s excited!

    • http://www.jenchoosesjoy.com JenChoosesJoy

      It’s Shannon in the blue hat and she’s in amazing shape!!!
      I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

  • http://www.suzyhastheruns.com Suzy Hutchins

    Those are some solid miles, Jen! I just checked my month and I managed 318 mile for July, and I run a LOT. Nicely done!!!

    • http://www.jenchoosesjoy.com JenChoosesJoy

      318 is awesome!!!!!

  • Amy @ fitnessmeetsfrosting.com

    What mascara do you use? Your makeup always looks flawless! My eyes water randomly so I’m constantly on the hunt for mascara that won’t make me look like I just hopped out of a pool 😉

    • http://www.jenchoosesjoy.com JenChoosesJoy

      Thanks! It’s just L’Oreal Voluminous waterproof from the drugstore.

  • Angie @ Pace with Grace Blog

    Love that graphic and your running group pics! Looks like an awesome group!
    Best thing I ate this week was Chipotle 😉
    We will be out on the lake today for my husband’s 30th birthday and heading to a surprise party afterwards!
    Have a great weekend!!

    • http://www.jenchoosesjoy.com JenChoosesJoy

      That sounds like a blast!!!! Have fun!

  • http://allthesethingsbyjenny.blogspot.com Jenny Trevon Albertson

    I haven’t kept track of my miles forever. I should probably do that.

    • http://www.jenchoosesjoy.com JenChoosesJoy

      I don’t have a goal, but it’s fun to keep track of it!

  • http://laurainlou.wordpress.com Laura Olinger

    July running was great! Until the last week when I did something wonky to my back on a trail run. I’m still healing :( But I’m on vacation and trying to enjoy some hiking instead. The best thing I ate this week was a bowl of cheesy grits, sauteed greens, black eyed peas, okra, and salsa out to dinner last night. Somehow real Southern cooking takes vegetables and makes them more delicious, but possibly less healthy…I’ll need that quinoa salad!

    • http://www.jenchoosesjoy.com JenChoosesJoy

      Vacation is the perfect time to heal! I think you had my dream dinner….yum!!!!

  • Stefanie Edwards

    Love those lashes!! Do you have a favorite waterproof mascara?
    P.S. Way to go on the July miles! The heat does not make it easy

    • http://www.jenchoosesjoy.com JenChoosesJoy

      I use L’oreal Voluminous waterproof mascara from the drugstore! And, thank you!!

  • http://www.runningnreading.com Running ‘N’ Reading

    Way to go, Jen; what a great month!! Hey, you killed a trail race (and had a blast!!) and that’s what counts; way to go!! I haven’t attempted a herky (sp?) since I was in high school; you are my hero. 😉

  • Kelly Rose

    wow 346 miles!! that is amazing and very inspiring.

    • http://www.jenchoosesjoy.com JenChoosesJoy

      Thank you so much!!!