Memphis Marathon Recovery and My Birthday

This week was all about marathon recovery and, of course…my birthday:)


The day after the Memphis Marathon, with trepidation, I got out for an easy shakeout jog.  After Chicago, I could barely walk.  I ran a faster time in Memphis and was actually able to go for a jog the next day!!  I think the hills really helped my legs:)

Perk to early morning runs: I was the only person on Beale St. the morning after the race.


Of course I had to treat myself to a celebratory breakfast…


with biscuits!



7 miles.  Yet again, I was so happy that I was able to run…even though it was slow.  P.S.  I love this Brooks Run Happy Christmas Tech Tee!



8 miles.  I met my friends on the track.  I didn’t do the speed workout, but opted to jog.  I was frustrated that I couldn’t do more, but tried to be grateful that I was even running.


I did PiYo Core afterwards.

And much to my chagrin, Jason brought home Christie Cookies.  Their white chocolate macadamia nut cookies are SOOOO good!  My willpower was non-existent.  Tis the season!


Thursday:  My 34th birthday!  

I met my sweet friends for a 6 mile run and breakfast afterwards!  I felt so loved and it was the perfect way to kick-off the day:)


My Nana sent me a birthday mouse:)


My husband leaves me daily post-it notes.  I loved my birthday note..


Speaking of #pimpinjoy, my hat arrived just in time for my birthday.  Love it!


We had a dinner date at Moto for my favorite blueberry lasagna.


It sounds odd, but it’s amazing!


Cheers to 34….


and to presents that come in black boxes;)


And dessert!



After a fun night, coffee was my best friend.


It was 22 degrees and I ran 8 less than stellar miles.


I’m doing my best to be patient…to remind myself that I ran a marathon 6 days ago.  Nothing really hurts.  I just have heavy, tired legs.  Tomorrow I’m going to get out for a “long-ish” run.  I’m going to cut myself some slack and be flexible with my mileage.  Fingers crossed I’ll feel great!

Thanks again to everyone for your kind birthday wishes this week!!!!  It was a wonderful day:)


Do you have any birthday traditions?  I always have a special breakfast!

How quickly do you get back to speed work after a marathon?

How many cups of coffee do you typically drink a day?  Sometimes I’ll have 1 in the morning, and I always have 1 in the afternoon as a pick-me-up!


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  • Colby

    Sipping on my 2nd cup as we speak (but in fairness I only fill them 1/2 each time…makes me think I’m drinking less.)
    Looks like it was a great bday! Btw…dying to know what was in the Chanel??? Do tell :)

    • jenchoosesjoy

      I do the same thing, but i have half a cup of coffee with half a cup of frothed soy.
      My gift was a pair of ballet flats ive been wanting!

  • Sarah @ KS Runner

    I’m a hot tea person, I have a big cup of tea in the morning then another one either late afternoon or in the evening. Sometimes in the winter, I have it all day.

    We don’t have any specific birthday traditions, but my husband always does a great job of making me fee special all day (really all week). So glad you had a wonderful birthday!

    • jenchoosesjoy

      Thank you!!!

  • suzysuzyheather

    I wear a different pair of shoes for the week after a marathon than the ones I raced in. Either a new pair that I’ve been waiting to break in or an alternative pair but it helps to change up the hot spots ever so slightly. Ya! Anyway. Glad you had a fun birthday. Hope your long run today is surprisingly easier!

    • jenchoosesjoy

      I raced in my kinvaras and ran in my triumphs this week. Its a nice break for my feet:)

      • Suzy

        I race in Kinvaras too! But I run my everyday runs in Asics Nimbus.

  • Tara @ Running ‘N’ Reading

    Jen, I’m so, so glad you had a fun birthday! I love that your Nana sent you a birthday mouse. :) Blueberry lasagna sounds amazing, by the way. Hope you are being patient with yourself; you’ve been busting PRs non-stop, so take it easy for a bit. Hope you’ve had a great weekend, friend!

    • jenchoosesjoy

      Thank you and yes, im taking it easy:) My legs are insuring that i take it slow!

  • athletarian


    Haha!! Looks like you had a pretty spectacular birthday!! That note from your husband is so cute :)

    • jenchoosesjoy

      He’s a good one!

  • FLRunnerBoy

    I love your pimpinjoy hat!!! It is too awesome Jen!!! Annnnnd I’m not much of a coffee drinker but the three days out of the year when it actually does get in Florida I drink coffee haha! lol :) actually on second thought, I have been digging on iced coffee for a few months now

    • jenchoosesjoy

      Thank you!!!