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Weekend Wrap-Up

Saturday: This seemed like an appropriate Instagram post as I was heading out to the trails for a 5 hour...


Garmin Giveaway!

Saturday: I lay everything out the night before my long run. Jason and I met up with Corrie for a...


Boston Marathon Race Recap

I rarely keep medals but I’m never giving this one away!  The whole weekend was overwhelming in a wonderful way...


One Pic Per Hour

I always love “day-in-the-life” posts so here’s a look at my Monday…one picture per hour. 4:30– I lay my run...


Michigan Workout and the Monkey

Let’s catch up! Monday: National Pizza Day! Mean Muggin’ on a Monday. Jason decided to share my milk collection on...


Hop on Board the Soul Train

**Disclaimer: I’m writing this with a lot cold medicine in my system.  You’ve been warned! I’ve been so busy posting...