I joined my friends for some early morning miles…

Followed by some solo miles.

As a vegetarian my B-12 runs low, so I get a monthly injection.

And, y’all….RUNger is very real right now!

Track Tuesday:

This workout was a tough one.  Physically I felt strong, but mentally this felt like the longest workout ever!  Thankfully my friends were out there with me with awesome encouragement!!!

1 mile warmup
3 x 3 miles (3:00 recovery jog) Goal pace: 7:45.  Actual pace: 7:42, 7:40, 7:30
1 mile cool down

I celebrated with a Cocoa Banana Smoothie from Juice Bar!

In honor of Taco Tuesday:

Chipotle for dinner!


Awesome friends.  Percy Warner Park.  10 miles.

A pretty acai bowl for lunch!

Since I’m running (a little) less, I’ve started organizing my kitchen!  I need a project and my kitchen needs some help!  I’m saving the pantry for next week, because I’ll have more time and energy than I know what to do with.  I started with my tea drawer.  Don’t judge my messy ‘before’ pic!

Perfect timing for race prep….Defiance Fuel delivered A LOT of water!!!!!!!!  I will definitely be well-hydrated for NYC!

Speaking of NYC, I am loving their race trivia!


What do you do with your extra time during taper?

What was your speed workout this week?

Do you feel like certain workouts are tougher mentally for you than others?  Share!


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  • AmandaM

    My tea drawer currently looks EXACTLY like your before! Even same brand of teas. Ha!
    Great paces on that track workout-wow! The longer intervals are definitely tougher for me.

    • http://www.jenchoosesjoy.com JenChoosesJoy

      I was so glad to get that workout behind me!

  • Desiree

    I am one week behind you for taper. Running Pensacola Marathon on Nov 8. Staying at my friends beach house in Santa Rosa Beach for girls trip. Super excited. As for taper I go into crazy organizing lady mode also. I do feel certain workouts are tougher mentally. I do all my long runs by myself. I find that at a certain point during that workout the self doubt comes in to play. And then the run becomes all mental!!

    • http://www.jenchoosesjoy.com JenChoosesJoy

      I’m so jealous that you’ll be on Santa Rosa Beach!!!!!
      When I have to do long runs by myself, I end up throwing pace at the window because I just want to get it over with!

  • http://www.thechiathlete.com Tiffany @ The Chi-Athlete

    Running pictures. <3 And what the what — GO ZEBRA!

    My extra time during taper = try not to eat everything in sight.:)

    I did a (very) short tempo yesterday with some friends at track night.

    And speaking of tempo runs, I think they're the most mentally tough, but also my FAVE. I feel SO confident and strong during tempo runs!

    • http://www.jenchoosesjoy.com JenChoosesJoy

      I’m actually a little worried that I will just eat all of the food in my pantry next week rather than organizing it!
      I wish I loved tempo runs. They’re always tough for me!

  • http://www.thesimplepeach.com/ Alaina @ The Simple Peach

    I worked on blog content when I was tapering for Chicago. I would have gone batty otherwise!!! Organizing/deep cleaning are great ways to stay busy too.

    I have a fartlek run on tap today after workout. Whee!!

    • http://www.jenchoosesjoy.com JenChoosesJoy

      I always enjoy fartlek runs!!!

  • http://www.sarahruns26.com Sarah @ SarahRuns26

    I always find that organizing is a good way to spend my time. My closet is usually where I start, it seems like it could always use a little extra help. No speed work this week. Usually my long runs are the toughest mentally. I hit the point where I’m just ready to be done and it is usually before I am actually done!

    • http://www.jenchoosesjoy.com JenChoosesJoy

      My closet is a mess right now!!

  • http://www.youngandrungry.com Margaret @youngandrungry

    I have 3×1600 too on Friday @ half marathon pace (I’m not a fan of speed workouts on Friday, but you gotta do what you gotta do!). I sometimes feel like my maintenance runs are tougher than some speed workouts and long runs because I start to develop the “get it over with” attitude.

    • http://www.jenchoosesjoy.com JenChoosesJoy

      Have a great run tomorrow!!!!!

  • Jill Aldred

    I have tapered precisely ONCE in my life (running longer distances is new to me!) and I thoroughly enjoyed getting caught up on Netflix and reading a whole lotta YA stuff 😉
    No speed workout this week. I have a lactate threshold test tomorrow, so I’m saving some energy (okay, no, I’m just lazy) for that.
    Speed workouts are the hardest. My body might be ready but my mind is all “nope, nope, nope, let’s not do this, let’s slow down!”

    • http://www.jenchoosesjoy.com JenChoosesJoy

      I feel the same way! When I look at the paces for speed workouts my brain just says “Nope!”

  • Angie @ Pace with Grace Blog

    I also organize and declutter when I have the extra time. Feels so good to simplify!
    Progression run this week and some strides on my 5 miler this morning. I do think some workouts are tougher mentally. For me those would be tempo runs. Even if my body feels okay, if my head isn’t into it, it makes a big difference!

    • http://www.jenchoosesjoy.com JenChoosesJoy

      Tempo runs are definitely my toughest workouts!

  • http://www.suzyhastheruns.com Suzy Slane

    My legs feel a little creaky this week so I’m staying away from speed work. Yasso 800s are the toughest of them all. Actually, mile repeats are tough too. You nailed yours though! Incredible. Enjoy your taper time! I always go crazy.

    • http://www.jenchoosesjoy.com JenChoosesJoy

      You’re so smart to listen to your body! Right now, I’m actually ready for the rest. I’m sure I’ll be going bonkers next week, though!

  • https://bubblyrunner.wordpress.com bubblyrunner

    Looks like a great week Jen! I’m totally getting Chipotle tomorrow for lunch too, I’ve been craving it! Speed workout this week: 400m repeats (my fave!). I think long runs are mentally tougher for me.

    • http://www.jenchoosesjoy.com JenChoosesJoy

      i love that you plan your meals the day before!!! I totally do that, too!

  • Louise

    Good morning! I’m curious about Defiance Fuel water. It almost sounds too good to be true! Is this what you always drink? And do you add your Cocogo to this? I have been using the Cocogo and I do think it has helped me. I appreciate all your great tips!

    • http://www.jenchoosesjoy.com JenChoosesJoy

      I do add cocogo to it when I run. The rest of the time, I just drink it plain around the house!

      • Jimbo Gray

        I saw that you like Defiance Fuel and it appears they only deliver to Davidson and Williamson counties (I cannot imagine why not here. lol) I’m supposed to call them about shipping options. Is it worth the extra time and effort? Could always drive to Franklin. Folks there stock it.

        • http://www.jenchoosesjoy.com JenChoosesJoy

          If you’re in the nashville area, I’m sure it would be easier to just stock up while you’re here!

  • Heather Davis

    A Zebra, lmao, I love organizing. It is sad but I am seriously out of things to organize. However I have a son who has about $20,000 worth of Legos (not exaggerating) I guess I could work on that. I made a copycat Chipotle cilantro lime rice It was good. Since I have never been to Chipotle I have nothing to compare it to.

    • http://www.jenchoosesjoy.com JenChoosesJoy

      No chipotle?!!!! You need to fix that!

  • http://laurainlou.wordpress.com Laura Olinger

    First, I didn’t know zebras were that fast! They’re one of my favorite animals, but I had no idea. I also find myself doing little projects around the house during taper time….or setting up more lunch dates with friends. Thankfully, this should be my last taper week of 2015!

    • http://www.jenchoosesjoy.com JenChoosesJoy

      I already have a few catch up dates with friends next week!

  • Sue Tate

    Uggh, I love to hate the taper. All i have done this taper is STRESS OUT! I am so glad it is over in 2 days and I finally get to run this! I did a low key speed workout since it’s marathon week. I just did a 30 min easy run followed by strides and 3 x 400!

    • http://www.jenchoosesjoy.com JenChoosesJoy

      I know it’s rough but come race day you’ll be so glad you rested!!!

  • gina | @gbena

    ok so the gentleman in the photo next to you on Wed. I believe he ran Ragnar and i believe i was following him to the finish line. there were NO signs and runners who had the last leg were completely lost so I followed him up a big hill and back down to the finish. i couldn’t keep up though so i never got a chance to thank him. if it wasn’t him then he has a TWIN!