The Devils Distance


Monday was my 6 year Vegiversary (it’s a real thing)!  I haven’t had meat for 6 years and I’m really proud of that:)

I set out in the dark for a 7 miler and was rewarded with the prettiest sunrise and deer!


I did a quick change and headed to Orange Theory for some cross training.


Self Magazine wrote a great article about the Afterburn of Orangetheory Fitness.  Check it out here!

One of my snacking weaknesses is yogurt covered pretzels from Whole Foods.  They are getting me through these peak mileage weeks of marathon training.  I stay hungry.  The struggle is real.


10 Things That Make Me Happy post has been floating around Instagram.  I was tagged yesterday and thought I’d share my list.  Feel free to save the graphic and do your own list.  Tag me so I can read it! @jenchoosesjoy


1.  Early runs that let me see sunrises like this one.  God is good!

2.  My husband that loves me unconditionally.

3.  My puppies, Charlotte and Caroline.

4.  My tribe of friends!

5.  Blogging.  I get so much happiness from writing JenChoosesJoy!

6.  Soy Misto’s

7.  Fleet Feet Nashville.  Not only am I on their race team, but they unite our entire running community.

8.  Oiselle.  New run clothes are so much fun and I love being a part of the Oiselle Flock.

9.  Vegan chocolate chip cookies from Whole Foods.

10.  Emails from my Gran.  She’s 83 and emails me daily!

Track Tuesday:

800 repeats aka The Devil’s Distance. (You should read the comments on my facebook page when I posted this 800 workout.  It’s hilarious how much my track group hates this distance!)

It was very dark with a chance of rain, hence everything being stashed in plastic baggies.


4.5 mile warm-up

6 x 800 repeats (400 recovery jog)

1 mile cool down


3:40, 3:22, 3:24, 3:23, 3:21, 3:19.  We had a little confusion at the start and completely screwed up our first 800.  We were chatting and not paying attention.  Note: you should not be able to talk during this workout.  My friend Michael posted this pic after our workout…perfect!!


Are you constantly hungry when you’re marathon training?  How do you manage it?

Are you doing any speed work this week?  What kind?


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  • Marilyn

    I will take 800s over 1600s any day of the week!

    You do a really long warmup before track workouts! Is that to get more mileage, or do you find it helps with the workout? I usually only do 1 mile but now I am wondering if that is enough?

    Congrats on your Vegiversary! That is a big accomplishment!

    • jenchoosesjoy

      I do it to add some miles. It’s so much easier for me to get there early than it is to stay late.

  • Running ‘N’ Reading

    Great workout, Jennifer!! Yes, I, too, stay hungry much of the time; unfortunately, I don’t manage it very well. :( I love your friend’s comic that he shared – hilarious! I actually kind of like 800s; I have no idea why – ha! Thanks for sharing!

  • Sarah @ KS Runner

    I am always hungry when I’m training, and I pretty well train year round, so I guess that means I’m hungry all the time. I try to grab healthy snacks, and I love fruit so that helps. I try not to keep too much chocolate in the house or I’d opt for that first ! 😉

    No speed work. I will either have a 20 mile long run this weekend, or will run a half marathon where my BIL & SIL live…not sure what the plan is yet!

    • jenchoosesjoy

      Whichever you choose, I hope you have a great long run or race!!

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