The Friday Five

1.  RunPee…because movie theaters don’t have a pause button.  Download the app and select the movie that you’re going to see.  The app selects 3-5 minute long scenes that don’t contain crucial plot twists or exciting moments.  Basically, it let’s you know the best time to go pee during a movie…brilliant!


2.  During the holiday season, I am full of gratitude for my health and ability to run.  An organization that is dear to my heart is the Amputee Blade Runners.  I never knew that running prosthetics are NOT covered by insurance.  Their goal is to provide FREE running prosthetics to amputees!!!


Please check out their site and consider making a donation :)

3.  I have a new favorite pair of running gloves: Nathan Ranger Convertible Mitt.   They keep my hands warm, have the TruTouch for your smart phone, are super reflective, and have a soft material on the thumb to wipe your nose (gross, but necessary).



4.  You have probably noticed my love for the Saucony Kinvara 5.  Well now, they have a Kinvara 5 RunShield!  After having soaked shoes at the Flying Monkey Marathon, I knew I needed to order these shoes.  It’s the same Kinvara 5, but with a water resistant flex shell.

5.  In honor of Black Friday, I have to throw in one awesome online deal!  The entire Picky Bars website is 30% off!!  And the best part, the new Cookie Doughpness flavor (previously only available to the Picky Club) will be available to everyone!!  It’s my favorite flavor.  If you haven’t tried it, order some now!



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  • Christina @ the athletarian

    I still need to try those Picky Bars! Everyone says they are so good. I’ll have to look into it because sometimes shipping to Canada is insane!!

    Love those gloves and your new shoes!!

    • jenchoosesjoy

      The cookie doughpness is so good! Hopefully shipping isnt too crazy:)

  • FLRunnerBoy

    I’ll have to try that flavor of picky bars!!! Yum yum! :) and those gloves/mittens look pretty awesome

  • Molly@MotherhoodandMarathons

    Those gloves look amazing! I’ll have to try them out :)

    • jenchoosesjoy

      Im always looking for good ones and these are my favorite…hope you like them!

  • Running ‘N’ Reading

    I am looking up these gloves right now… 😉 Thanks, Jen!

    • jenchoosesjoy

      I hope they work for you!

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