The Friday Five

1.  I went to a charity event and they were selling Stella and Dot jewelry to benefit Waves of Grace.  I bought the Strength Bracelet and Grace Cuff and love them!  Nice quality costume jewelry for an affordable price.
2.  My new guilty pleasure…Empire!  Love me some Cookie!
3.  Not only is she a UK Cats Fan, but Ashley Judd is going after online bullies!   Hate speech and threats will not be tolerated.  BE KIND and Go Big Blue!
Read about it HERE and make sure to click the link at the bottom of the article to read her essay.
4.  Nike Tailwind Stripe Tanks.  They run big so size down and Nashville peeps, they have them at Fleet Feet!
5.  BOXES!  I love fun mail!  Both are monthly subscription services full of fun surprises!
Batch Box specializes in local products.  The March box had a brunch theme!
StrideBox is full of running products and accessories.
***AND…MONDAY I’ll be giving away a Stride Box, so make sure to check back on Monday!
Happy Friday and first day of SPRING!

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  • Kelly

    Love the yoga strap in your stride box. I use mine to wrap around my toes and ankle to help lengthen my fascia up to my hamstrings. Seems to work better than stretchy bands!

    • jenchoosesjoy

      Thanks for the tip! Excited to add it to my routine. :)

  • Sarah @ KS Runner

    I’ve always wondered if StrideBox was worth it or not. I’m a sucker for subscription boxes if for no other reason than I get fun mail rather than bills and junk mail!

    • jenchoosesjoy

      The giveaway will be on Instagram on Monday. Maybe you can win a free one!!

  • lmicklich

    Even though I’m a Butler grad and am supporting my Bulldogs as far as they go, my bracket has UK winning the title this year. Everyone is pumped up here in Louisville.

    • jenchoosesjoy

      It’s a good year to be a Wildcat!

  • FLRunnerBoy

    Empire eh’ … how did I know you’d be a fan of that show haha! Oooohhhh Kentucky they looked really good last night. One of the docs I work with is a HUGE Kentucky fan and has been wearing his Kentucky blue all week lol :)

    • jenchoosesjoy

      I haven’t finished season 1 yet (late to the party) but I am hooked on Empire!

      • A different Jen

        Oh, you will not BELIEVE the last few episodes!!! I heart Empire.

        • jenchoosesjoy

          It’s a crazy show and so addicting!

  • joannaraines

    The stride box looks so fun!! I would love to get a random box of running goodies every month… I’ll have to look into that and enter your contest next week.

    Also, that cuff is adorable!

    • jenchoosesjoy

      Thanks…maybe you’ll win a free month! ?

  • Paria

    The little elephants bracelet….love….buying now!!

    • jenchoosesjoy

      It makes me so happy!

  • Gretchen | Gretchruns

    I just started Empire and I love it so far! I heard the finale is really crazy so I can’t wait to get that far. I started too late and need to catch up! I love getting boxes too, and never heard of Stride box, so thanks for talking about it! :)

    • jenchoosesjoy

      I love Stride Box!! Make sure to read Monday’s post and enter to win a free month!

  • Running ‘N’ Reading

    Yay! That tank is so cute; it looks very light and airy, which will be great in about a month (or less, right!). I’m excited for your Stride Box giveaway; I’ve gotten some other subscription boxes, but have yet to try this one. Hope you have a great weekend, Jen!

    • jenchoosesjoy

      Happy Friday!!!

  • Beth @ RUNNING around my kitchen

    I love that cuff bracelet! And I’ll definitely check out Empire….I really need a new treadmill show!

    • jenchoosesjoy

      Empire is a little crazy, but addicting!

  • Marilyn

    That elephant bracelet is too cute!

    Have a great weekend.

    • jenchoosesjoy

      Happy Friday!!!

  • Kate @

    I didn’t realize they had a subscription box for RUNNERS!! Super cool. :)

    Happppppy Friiiiiiiiday!!!

    • jenchoosesjoy

      Such a fun mail day and they put really good stuff in it!!

  • alsoranagain

    I love Ashley Judd and I admire her for leveraging her fame for the betterment of society.

    And those Nike tanks are cute!

    Have a great weekend, Jen!

    • jenchoosesjoy

      I’m always amazed by how mean people are when they’re hiding behind their computer!

  • Sun

    That elephant bracelet – so adorable!! I haven’t tried Stride Box yet but looks like a great assortment of goodies this month :)

    • jenchoosesjoy

      The elephants make me so happy! :)

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