The Friday Five

1.  Popcorn is one of my favorite snacks and this Boomchickapop is the perfect salty/sweet combo!  It’s also Non-GMO, Vegan, and Gluten-free.

2.  Waze Traffic App– When we were in LA, the local news and the Uber drivers all used Waze to report and maneuver through traffic.  It’s a community based app that lets users report traffic, construction, police, etc…I’ve been using it in Nashville ever since.

3.  I’ve never been great about drinking enough water.  This Infusion H2O fruit infused water bottle is making water a lot more fun.

4.  I discovered San Clemente Cookie Dough on Instagram and couldn’t wait to try it.  The dough is vegan (dairy and egg-free) and gluten-free so you can eat it right out of the squeeze pouch OR you can bake it.  IMG_0715

One pouch bakes two cookies.

5.  How to prevent running shoe blisters with the “Lace Lock.”

Happy Friday and Choose Joy!!

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    right now :-)

  • Happy Fit Mama (@happyfitmama)

    That cookie dough could seriously be a problem! Maybe a new running fuel too? hahaha!

    • jenchoosesjoy

      That’s the first thing I thought of when saw the squeeze pouch!

  • beckstaruns (@KineticFitnessL)

    That cookie dough looks amazing!!! Happy Weekend!!

    • jenchoosesjoy

      Have a great Friday!!!

  • The Fit Fork (@TheFitFork)

    That popcorn is fabulous, if I want any I have to hide it from my kids. And cookie dough pouches — that is a brilliant idea! Have a great weekend

    • jenchoosesjoy

      They’re both so good!!

  • allisonfiorini

    Oh dear god. You and all of the damn food…KILLING ME!!! The cookie dough. I WANT

    • jenchoosesjoy

      It’s really good!

  • Sarah @SarahRuns26

    The cookie dough is pretty brilliant! I need to try the popcorn too! I’m actually good at drinking water, I get about 100 ounces a day and then another 40ish of hot tea in the morning. You’d think I’d be in the bathroom all day but I think my body is used to it now. Have a great weekend Jen!

    • jenchoosesjoy

      I’m trying to get better about hydrating. I’m really good when I run, just not through the day.

  • Annie @ What’s Annie Making

    That cookie dough… whoa!!!! I need to find some asap.
    And I love the Waze app too! Helps look out for sneaky sneaky hiding cops 😉

    • jenchoosesjoy

      I love the cop feature!

  • The Chi-Athlete

    WHAT THE WHAT with the cookie dough?!!!! That’s dangerous for me!

    Alas, now I’m on the hunt for it.

    Happy weekend!

    • jenchoosesjoy

      It’s a “healthier” way to get my sweet fix!

  • Gretchen | Gretchruns

    I’m obsessed with all of your favorites..thanks for sharing!!! Time to shop and download :)

    • jenchoosesjoy

      Thanks and happy Friday!!

  • That cookie dough!! I shouldn’t have checked this post!! My friend sent me that lace lock video and I tried it a few days ago for the first time….it definitely makes your foot feel more secure in the shoe!

    • jenchoosesjoy

      I was surprised at the difference it makes. Happy Friday!

  • Jamie

    My boyfriend and I have a strict 5 hour maximum we can be in the car with one another before things get dicey so Waze has truly been a lifesaver! Haha. Cookie dough… I just can’t. That will get me into BIG trouble : ) Hope you have a great MDW!!

    • jenchoosesjoy

      Long weekends rock!! Have a great one!

  • [email protected]

    That cookie dough idea is GENIOUS! Love the individual portions. I may just have to try!

    • jenchoosesjoy

      I don’t know why I didn’t think of it…so great!!

  • Running ‘N’ Reading

    Jen, I haven’t tried a fruit-infused water bottle; this is a great idea! I love learning about new ways to tie laces; an employee at my local running shop taught me some tricks that have been life-savers. I’m going to have to give this one a try, as well. Hope you have a fantastic weekend, chica!

    • jenchoosesjoy

      Happy Friday!!!

  • [email protected]

    Boom Chicka Pop is my favorite snack! The kettle corn is killer :) And I must try that cookie dough!

    • jenchoosesjoy

      I haven’t tried the kettle corn yet…next time!

  • cupcakesandmiles

    Ooh! I’m gonna need that cookie dough ASAP! A pouch makes two cookies?! That’s perfect!

    What do you like to put in your infusion bottle with your water?

    Happy Friday! :)

    • jenchoosesjoy

      I love the help with portion control! Happy Friday!

  • charissarunning

    That cookie dough though!!! Where can I find this?! I need to go on a hunt for this ASAP!

    • jenchoosesjoy

      I order it from their site. I haven’t seen it in stores yet. Happy Friday!

  • lmicklich

    I love the idea of those cookie dough pouches! Sometimes I want something sweet, but a whole dozen or more cookies is just temptation. Baking a few is a great idea.

    • jenchoosesjoy

      Its perfect for my after dinner sweet tooth!

  • [email protected]

    I want that bottle!! Amazing!

  • Cecilia @ MommiesRun

    I can’t stop picturing using that cookie dough like Gu on a run!

    • jenchoosesjoy

      That was my first thought when I saw it!!

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