The Friday Five

The Friday 5!

1. Oiselle Henley Tank: It looks like casual wear, but it’s a tech, sports material!  I bought both of these colors and love them!

2.  Prohibition Popcorn: It’s whiskey-flavored popcorn, y’all!  I received a bag of this Nashville-made popcorn in my Batch Box and ate it immediately.  It’s like caramel corn with a kick. (It’s also gluten and nut free.)  Batch was kind enough to give us a discount code for their site: CHOOSEJOY

3.  You know I love my Mala necklaces.  I just ordered a new one from KaMala Jewelry and it’s beautiful!

The best place to see her new pieces is on Instagram: @KaMalaJewelry.  That’s where I found mine.  If you like a piece, just inquire about it and you can pay through PayPal.

4.  New Balance Ice Tank.  I have been loving their ICE product line this summer and this tank is my favorite so far.  I love the cut, the fun straps, and the color.  I have this one in Water vapor with Hi-Lite.

5. 45 Life Lessons from a 90 Year Old.

So many gems in the list, but here are a few of my favorites:

1.  Life isn’t fair, but it’s still good.
9.  Save for things that matter.
10.  When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile.
11.  Make peace with your past so it won’t screw up the present.
17.  Clutter weighs you down in many ways.
19.  It’s never too late to be happy.  But it’s all up to you and no one else.
22. Overprepare, then go with the flow.
39.  Get outside every day.  Miracles are waiting everywhere.

Sending Friday vibes your way….

Happy Friday and Choose Joy!!!

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  • Jennifer

    Oooh, that necklace is beautiful! And love that tank. I have found that I am running “hotter” lately and have a difficult time in a t-shirt. Will definitely check out this top. Have a great weekend, I’ve got 16 miles on deck for Sunday :)

    • JenChoosesJoy

      It has been such a hot summer!!!
      Have an awesome long run!

  • Melissa

    Love all the tank tops! Fun colors make running even better :)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    • JenChoosesJoy

      I totally agree!!

  • Sarah @ SarahRuns26

    When I read those life lessons it reminded me of Nola Ochs, the worlds oldest college graduate. I had a class with her in college and we graduated together. The photo that circulates of her, I’m sitting right behind her. She had alot of gems like that too!

    • JenChoosesJoy

      Wow…that is SO cool!!!


    I want all of it!!! That popcorn will be the perfect bday gift for my friend!! Ordering right away!

    • JenChoosesJoy

      It’s so good!!!

  • Maddie @ Dixie Runs

    Whiskey popcorn!? I NEED. Thomas would love that!

    • JenChoosesJoy

      It’s addicting!!

  • bubblyrunner

    OMG I love those henley tops! Do the buttons bother you at all? I hate when things rub against my skin. I have a pair of Oiselle tights that I love, and want to get some more of their gear!

    • JenChoosesJoy

      I’ve never noticed the buttons rubbing, but I’ve only worn it for short runs.

  • Gretchen Braun

    Get outside every day..definitely agree with that. I can tell a huge difference in myself after I step out. It’s like a weight got lifted from my shoulder and I feel a lot better. Have a great weekend!

    • JenChoosesJoy

      So true!!!

  • Angie @ Pace with Grace Blog

    I have been eyeing that Oiselle Tank! Super cute! Those life lessons are great, obviously they knows what they’re talking about :-) Have a great weekend!

    • JenChoosesJoy

      Happy weekend!!!!

  • Suzy Hutchins

    I always listen to old people’s advice, even if it’s sometimes crazy because really? They know what goes down.

  • Emily Walters

    That tank! I’m in love! I just bought my first Oiselle shirt and can’t wait to try it out! That tank might be my next purchase. I love when my workout clothes can double as street clothes. Have a great weekend!

  • Amanda B @ Cupcakes and Miles

    I love everything on this list! And that NB tank looks awesome!

  • Abby

    Those henley tops are so cute, but you had me at popcorn.

  • Victoria Calderon

    That tank is adorable! I don’t think I realized it was a perfect tech material – it really does just look like a cute shirt!

  • Reese Derrenberger

    I love love love that Oiselle tank, I’ve had bad luck with 2/3 of their products I’ve tried, but I might have to try that one. Does the “ice” effect of the New Balance tank really work to cool you down?

    • JenChoosesJoy

      I don’t know if it cools me down, but it’s super lightweight and does a great job wicking sweat. It’s very breezy…if that makes sense!????