Time Trials Terrify Me

I met up with sweet friends at the butt crack of dawn for 7 miles.  I blame the early hour for this bad picture!
It ended up being 70 degrees and sunny, so I worked on my blog from my porch swing.
I had help from Caroline and Charlotte!  It was National Puppy Day, so they really wanted me to take their picture. 😉
Jason was out of town, so of course I ate like a bachelor.  Popcorn and guacamole.  I pop my popcorn in coconut oil. It’s so good and healthier!
Pretty Woman celebrated it’s 25th Anniversary…crazy!  ‘Pretty Woman’ Turns 25: How It Would Be Different Today
Tuesday:  Time Trial Day…eek!
4 times a year, for Fleet Feet’s Speed Sessions, we do a time trial.  Tuesday’s was a 2 miler.  We base our future training paces off of the time.  It terrifies me every time!!!  There’s something about lining up on the track knowing it’s going to hurt.
It got there early to warm up.  4 miles.
We did drills and lined up.
1 year ago: 13:46
Tuesday: 13:31 (It felt really good to see progress!)
We were all so happy to have it behind us!
After track, I got a haircut.  I love when my hairdresser straightens my hair.
I picked up a pair of the new New Balance Fresh Foam Zante and joined the No Boundaries group for a few more evening miles.  The shoes felt great, and I’m excited to run in them again!  It was also nice to shakeout my legs after the track workout.
You all know that I love Taco Tuesday!
The struggle is real…
Rock ‘n’ Roll announced the registration date for Las Vegas!!!  I’ll be there!
What workout or race distance will always make you nervous?
Have you ever run Rock n Roll Las Vegas?  This will be my first year!  Let me know what you thought about it.
What’s your speed work for the week?
Do you have dogs?  How many and what are their names?


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  • Bonnie Stonebraker Davis

    Jen, glad to see you like the Zante! I think I’ve mentioned my sister oversees a merchandising team for NB called the Tracksters and she was involved last week with some of the kickoffs in various cities for them. They’ve come a long way, I have the first ones that came out and they’re sorta dorky looking but she showed me the new ones (couldn’t get me any this time-boo) and they are are awesome. I got a cool t-shirt celebrating the kickoff though so thats cool! Your puppies are super adorable!

    • jenchoosesjoy

      I’m about to run in them again…great shoe! And, super cute. :)

  • werunnc

    Hill repeats and Yasso 800s always make me nervous! Because both workouts are just so tough for me. Maybe when I am healthy I will be better at them!

    My dog’s name is Ellie! She’s a beagle.

    • jenchoosesjoy

      One of my girlfriends calls 800’s the Devils distance! They always hurt. Ellie is the cutest pup name!!!

  • Sarah @ SarahRuns26

    I don’t really get nervous about any distance, but since I don’t do 5k-10k distance much, I don’t know how to pace myself as well on those as I do on a half or full marathon.

    Rock ‘n Roll Vegas was my second marathon. The Strip is cool and there were some pretty parts to the course, but it was a bit boring once you got away from The Strip. I would go back for the half, but I don’t know that I’d do the full marathon there again. It was run well, as all Rock ‘n Roll races are!

    We have a Chocolate Lab, Sam. He thinks he is a 60 lb lap dog!

    Have a great day Jen!

    • jenchoosesjoy

      I’ll be running the Vegas half because it right after NY. My legs will be toast!
      Labs are the sweetest dogs!!!

    • suzysuzyheather

      That is REALLY good to know about the marathon! Makes sense.

  • FLRunnerBoy

    That is some absolutely inspiring and amazing progress Jen!!! I’m sooooo proud of you! Keep up the great work and apparently the fear of time trials works well for you 😉 lol. For me my speedwork for the week was just completed a short while ago … 3 x 1600’s @ 7:03 goal pace. I went 7:03, 7:03, 7:00! Slowly working back from this injury :) And 1600’s are the workout that gives me the total eby jeebies lol. You hair looks so cute straight!!! And guacamole while home alone is completely cool with me ha!

    • jenchoosesjoy

      You are being so smart with your recovery!! I have mile repeats next week…eek!

      • FLRunnerBoy

        Thank you so much Jen! And I have no doubt that you’ll crush those repeats in typical “Jen Chooses Joy” fashion! :)

  • Gretchen | Gretchruns

    Great job on the time trial! That’s actually the exact time I ran in middle school XC when I set a record! The number’s always stuck with me :) Great job on such a big improvement..hard work pays off!

    • jenchoosesjoy

      That’s such an awesome coincidence! It only took me until 34 to run as fast as you in middle school…lol!

  • misszippy1

    I hate time trials, too! Congrats on seeing progress–that is the best feeling, for sure.

    I have a whippet named Tori–she is also a running partner and that’s the greatest!

    • jenchoosesjoy

      I LOVE whippets!!!

  • Paria

    Anytime my husband is not home, I have wine and popcorn for dinner….sometimes I add some turkey bacon for protein:)

    • jenchoosesjoy

      I like to think that we’re like Olivia Pope!

  • whenn

    hi Jen! Do you think the Zantes would work for underpronators?

    • jenchoosesjoy

      I would hate to speculate. This was only my second run in them and I’m a neutral runner. Just for comparison sake, they are similar in feel to the Saucony Kinvara.

  • milesandblessings

    Quite honestly most speed work makes me nervous before but the worst one for me is the 3×2 mile repeats. I always get nervous before a race too :). I haven’t decided what I want to do for speed this week…but I am thinking it will involve 800’s. I had a hard workout week last week so my legs are not really wanting to do speed :).
    You dogs are SOOOO cute!!!! What kind of dog is the little one? We have a part golden lab part golden retriever named Payton :)

    • jenchoosesjoy

      They’re both King Charles spaniels. One is very small and one is large for the breed! I love golden retrievers!!!

  • mary @ minutes per mile

    i have to do a time trial soon, too! i do them every spring and fall. yeesh.

    • jenchoosesjoy

      I know they’re helpful, but I’m so glad this one is behind me!

  • Yissel

    I am new to reading your blog. I am really enjoying it. This week was getting back into regular runs after 4 races in 2 months-2 halfs, 15k, 5k. So no speedwork this week. I have been wanting to do Las Vegas. I haven’t done a half or full at night. A have a Pomeranian dog named Disney.

    • jenchoosesjoy

      Thank you SO much for visiting my blog!!! That’s a lot of races. I would definitely have heavy legs for a while after!

  • Christina @ the athletarian

    So many things to say here:
    1. Your hair looks beautiful.
    2. You look way too good when you run.
    3. I love your dogs.
    4. I could live off popcorn and chips with guac.
    5. Congrats on your speedy 2 miles! I’ve never done a time trial before!!
    6. And to answer your questions: every race distance makes me nervous, never done an RnR race but I’d love to, I have a tempo tomorrow, and you already know PRINCETON!! :)

    Have a great day!

  • Sun

    I’ve never done a time trial but the thought of one makes me feel both excited and terrified! It sounds kine of like a race, but without medals or cookies at the finish line 😉

    I love popcorn but have never thought to pop it in coconut oil. I bet it’s delish!

  • Jason

    I love your dogs and I love your haircut and I love guacamole!!!

    • jenchoosesjoy

      That’s a lot of love!!!

  • suzysuzyheather

    I will never have your hair, and it’s so sad. I’d do anything even just to have it for a day. I love love love how you call Yasso’s the Devil’s Distance! They’re so killer. The first lap hurts but then there’s still a second one to get through and I it kicks the crap out of me!

  • Running ‘N’ Reading

    GAH! Time trials! One of my running groups usually does a mile time trial about a month before our Grand Prix mile race (it’s in July) and I’m always terrified of it; I’m glad I’m not the only one! Yesterday I had a tempo run on the schedule and I was terrified of it, too; it went pretty well, but I think I started off a little faster than I should have. I still really need that new Nike tank… 😉 Hope you’re having a great day, Jen!

  • lmicklich

    Congratulations on your time trial! Time trials make me nervous too. Most of my speed workouts are geared toward racing half marathons, so short intervals scare the crap out of me because my mind isn’t trained for those. I’ll almost always find an excuse to do a tempo instead of intervals.

    • jenchoosesjoy

      I’m the same way! I do longer races, so short, fast workouts are always out of my comfort zone.

  • joannaraines

    Time trials are so intimidating! Way to go on a GREAT time!

    I have a dog named Thunder and am getting a new puppy named Zeke in just a few weeks!

    • jenchoosesjoy

      That’s so exciting!!! New puppies are the best:)

  • danarunsboston

    Awesome time! I always get intimidated by tempo runs but it is such a great feeling to finish a tough workout. I have a tempo run on Thursday that I am gearing up for.

    • jenchoosesjoy

      I’m sure you’ll have a great run!!!

  • Marilyn

    Way to go on your time trial! That is awesome! This week my speed work was 3 mile tempo x 2. It was awesome!

    • jenchoosesjoy

      Tempo runs are tough…I hope you have a great one!!!

  • cupcakesandmiles

    Fun post today! I think your puppies are so cute! And, I’d really like to start a petition to have puppy day be every day. 😉 I have a 4-year-old weimaraner named Smokey. He’s crazy and ridiculous but I love him!

    I really like your new New Balance shoes! Do you always stick with NB?

    And, Rock ‘N Roll Vegas is definitely on my race bucket list! I’ve got a couple races in mind for later this year that will involve some travel, so Vegas will have to wait a bit longer.

    • jenchoosesjoy

      Thanks!! I have a few friends with weimaraners. They make great running companions!
      I’m actually a very loyal Saucony runner. The NB are new to me. I read great reviews of the Zante so I wanted to test a pair.

  • freelaced

    wow, nice job on the time trial! i’ve never done one and am not nearly in the best shape to try it (if i did, i’d feel as if i were sandbagging). i have a rescue mutt named Welker. she’s an odd little creature, but i love her to pieces. thanks for the bit on the NB shoes, i’ve been looking into getting a pair.

    • jenchoosesjoy

      The time trial is aways rough! I’ve never heard the name Welker…so cool!!