Track Tuesday: The Kennedy

Track Tuesday:

Track prep:  My splits, a ziplock bag to protect my post-it from my sweat (gross), Huma gel, and Cocogo (discount code: JENCHOOSESJOY all caps).

Our group did a new-to-us workout called The Kennedy.  Our coach (and one of my best friends) is dating Olympic runner Bob Kennedy.  He reviewed our training schedule and contributed this gem!  I am always nervous when a workout has a name.

I did a 4.5 mile warm-up

5 x 1200m at 5k pace with 200m recovery (The short 200m recovery is what makes this workout tricky!)
(Goal: 5:08.  Actual: 5:08, 5:08, 5:08, 5:08, 5:03)  I have never in my life been this consistent on the track.  It was tough, but felt so good!

Cool down

Here’s our post-workout sweaty group pic!

I rushed home after track to take Charlotte to the vet for her inner-ear surgery.  I was still super sweaty and both of us were super nervous.


After dropping Charlotte off, I went home to shower.  Fleet Feet gives out track tanks each season.  I LOVE the new one and of course I had to wear it the day we got it! (Side note: my lips and teeth look huge in the pic, lol!)

I was worried about Charlotte all day and did my best to keep busy.  Remembering that it was Taco Tuesday always helps! :)

Chipotle for the win!  When Jason’s out of town, it’s a safe bet that I’ll end up at Chipotle.

Charlotte’s surgery was very successful and I was elated to bring my sweet girl home!!!!  This was her safe place for the rest of the evening.


I usually run hills in Percy Warner Park with friends on Wednesdays.  They are all out of town this week.  I woke up feeling determined and in need of some running redemption after my last long run and decided to run an unplanned tempo.

Y’all, I had my best tempo run in months!!!  It’s just what I needed. (Garmin 620)

As you’ve probably noticed, I started a Periscope account and I’m starting to have a lot of fun with it! One common concern I’ve heard from others is that they don’t know what to talk about for their scopes. Well, Katie at Mom’s Little Running Buddy to the rescue. She created the #PeriscopeProject! It’s a 14-day schedule that gives you a topic per day. It’s super simple. Make sure to use the hashtag #PeriscopeProject in your title and sync to twitter so others can find you.

When you watch a Scope, make sure to tap your screen to show love with hearts! You can do this for live broadcasts AND replays! <3 <3 <3

If you start the Periscope Project, let me know so I can follow you!

Earlier this week, we talked about our worst run.  What’s the best run you’ve had lately?!

What’s your favorite quick-service or fast-food restaurant?


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  • carla birnberg

    GIRL you had me and lost me at the first picture.
    that be me :-)

    • JenChoosesJoy

      Love it!!!????☕️????

  • Kimberly

    You’re killing it on your runs this week – congratulations! Thanks for posting the #PeriscopeProject. I’m going to try to post one this weeknd!

    • JenChoosesJoy

      Woohoo!!! Let me know when you post so I can follow along!!!

  • Jill Aldred

    ” I am always nervous when a workout has a name.” That made me (literally) laugh out loud. That track workout sounds terrifying – well done!! And a 4.5 mile warm-up. Yowza! Glad that your pup’s surgery went well. Have a wonderful day!

    • JenChoosesJoy

      I swear I’m a grandma! I need extra warmup miles before I’m ready for speed.

  • Gretchen Braun

    I haven’t gotten Periscope, but now that you mentioned that challenge I might have to get it! Sounds fun! I’m definitely with you on good. IN fact, I could go for some today! :)

    • JenChoosesJoy

      The periscope project is such a fun way to get used to periscope! Let me know if you start!!!

  • Angie @ Pace with Grace Blog

    Awesome tempo run! So glad you got your redemption!
    Also I’m glad to hear Charlotte’s surgery went well!!
    Not on Periscope at this point but I am intrigued; you never know!
    Chipotle all the way for me, as you know 😉
    Have a great day!!

    • JenChoosesJoy

      Thank you!!!!

  • bubblyrunner

    Awww, I hope Charlotte feels better! I know how much of a wreck I was when Rusty had ACL surgery. I cried after I dropped him off, when I picked him up, and basically every night after that for like a week. Best run: I had a pretty good run Wednesday of 400m repeats! I upped my pace and was able to maintain, which made me super happy. Favorite fast-food place: Sardi’s! It’s a local Peruvian chicken place and has amazing plantains and yucca fries!

    • JenChoosesJoy

      I imagine this is how parents must feel when there’s something wrong with there kids!
      Congrats on your great track workout!!!

  • Lynn B

    Great run today! Awesome job! You run EARLY!! You were done with 10 miles before 6:30AM?!? I am very impressed!!

    Also great to hear your dogs surgery went well.

    • JenChoosesJoy

      I’m such an early bird. I would sleep in if my body would let me!

  • Jamie Whittendale

    Best run I’ve had lately had to be Mondays run. It was a progression run that left me feeling like I had a bit of speed left in my legs! And best quick-service restaurant = Dig Inn in NYC.

    • JenChoosesJoy

      I love progression runs!!
      I’ll have to checkout Dig Inn when I’m in NYC this fall!

  • Suzy Hutchins

    The Periscope thing sounds so cool. I can barely get a handle on the basics like Instagram and Facebook. I’m seriously such a donkey with all this stuff! I love the taco> thigh gaps. LOL so funny. My mileage has been great but my runs themselves have been less than desirable because I keep getting weird things happening to my feet! I have a blister on the end of my second toe that is KILLING me right now. It’s way better than having an injury, of course but I can’t wait to have a pain-free run. You’re doing so incredibly well out there. You KILLED your track workout. So good. And I’m glad Charlotte is okay! She has a great mum. <3

    • JenChoosesJoy

      Thank you so much for all of your sweet words!!!!
      I hate that you’re having aches and pains, but congrats on building mileage!!!

  • mary @ minutes per mile

    chipotle is a quick dinner spot fave of mine! also love panera and whole foods :)

    • JenChoosesJoy

      Big YES to the Whole Foods bar!!

  • Erin W (The Little Runner Girl

    mmm Chipolte is my favorite!! I had a run with friends at 5am and then a strength class at 9. I was ready for lunch by the time those were over! Great run!! I had a great track workout Tuesday! Happy Running!!

    • JenChoosesJoy

      You are kicking some fitness butt!

  • momslrb

    oh man…chipotle…yum! I’ve been loving your periscopes!! You’re adorable!

    • JenChoosesJoy

      You’re so kind…thank you!!!

  • Melissa

    So glad Charlotte’s surgery went well :)
    -I did a speed workout last Friday, I was trying to increase my miles by 1 min and ended up increasing them by almost 1 1/2 minutes! (mind you I don’t run terribly fast but 11 min/mile to 9:26 min/mile is a HUGE accomplishment). It was fun/hard to push myself!
    -My go to is a local Mexican restaurant (yum!) or Panera is quickly becoming a favorite.

    • JenChoosesJoy

      I forget about panera…I need to try it again! Congrats on a great workout!

  • Running ‘N’ Reading

    I’m so glad that Charlotte’s surgery went well, Jen, and way to go on that workout – woo hoo! That is awesome!! I think tomorrow’s run will be my best lately; the temperature should be AMAZING!!

    • JenChoosesJoy

      This cool front is incredible!!!!

  • Amanda B @ Cupcakes and Miles

    Yay! I’m glad Charlotte’s surgery went well and she is home. Hope she starts feeling better soon!

    You always seem to get Chipotle when Jason is out of town. Does he not like it? Because my boyfriend doesn’t and it boggles my mind. 😉

    I too just recently downloaded the Periscope app and haven’t yet worked up the courage to post to it. I like that little project though…

    • JenChoosesJoy

      He’s actually jealous that I go to chipotle without him! When he’s home, I usually cook or we eat at real restaurants. I save the fast-food for when he’s gone.
      I’m actually learning to love periscope, but the first few posts are scary. The project helps. :)