Weekend Wrap-Up plus a GIVEAWAY

I know I usually post a Weekend Wrap-Up on Mondays, but I got excited to write about boobs and bras yesterday!  Learn all about sports bras, fit, and care HERE!


Alright, let’s catch up!
Our CMM training group was cancelled due to ice.  Luckily it was a drop week!  A small group of us got together for a 15 miler:)
That night, we went to a fundraiser for Waves of Grace at Tin Roof 2.
The beach has always been my place to heal and recharge.  Waves of Grace provides beach vacations for cancer patients and their families to find rest and hope in Jesus as they’re surrounded by the beauty of the ocean.  That’s a cause I can get behind.  I even won puppy boarding in the silent auction!


Circle of trust…judgement free zone…this was my dinner…
Before bed we moved our clocks up for Daylight Savings Time.  I’m an early morning runner, so I’m not a big fan of running in the dark again.
Sunday:  International Women’s Day!
We had a runner field trip to preview the Oak Barrel race course in Lynchburg, TN (the home of Jack Daniels).
It was beautiful, sunny, and temps in the 50’s!!!
His and hers dinner at Burger Up!
I had to move my track workout to Monday morning. Use code: JENCHOOSESJOY (all caps) to save 10% at!
4 mile warmup
8x400m (400m recovery jog) (Goal: 1:36.  Actual: 1:36, 1:35, 1:35, 1:33, 1:35, 1:34, 1:33, 1:30) <—really proud of that last one!
1 mile cool down
It was also National Nap Day!  Click HERE to read my post on all things napping.  :)


Strut Your Stuff Sign Company is giving away a “Grateful and Blessed to be on this Journey” medal holder!  Plus, they were kind enough to give a 10% discount on all orders with the code JENCHOOSESJOY.
To enter the giveaway, leave a comment telling me your favorite race medal.
One entry per person.  Contest ends at 11:59pmCST March 15th.  Winner will be randomly selected and announced Monday March 16.  


What’s your favorite race medal?  Mine is the Flying Monkey Marathon medal!
What’s your favorite type of french fries? The crinkle fry is by far the most superior fry.  My husband is a seasoned fry guy.
Do you do your speed workouts solo or with a group?  I’m usually with friends and it was a lot harder to go it alone!
Congratulations to @Rachel_Runs_Music_City on winning the $50 Saladworks Gift Card!

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  • weightwatchergirl

    I only have 3 medals because most of the races I do don’t seem to give them away. But my fav would be the first one I got last summer when I came shockingly in 3rd in my age group at the Livonia Spree 5k, I wasn’t aware there would be any medals given! it was a beautiful, hot morning in my neighborhood and I was just loving being a part of the group. It was a small race which made my chances even better, but I was so excited, I’d never won any sort of trophy or ribbon in my life. I will cherish that medal for the memories and pride it provides me when I see it. Running is not about tangible awards, but darn’t, I do love this one!

  • Tessa Noah

    My favorite is the Great Smokey Mountains Half Marathon!

  • mollyrunsforlife

    My favorite medal would have to be the one earned from my first full marathon. It will always hold a special place in my heart for obvious reasons :) Thanks for continuing to be an inspiration to us all! You rock!

  • RunningisaGodThing

    Hmmm – my favorite is probably Rock and Roll San Diego because it was my first marathon so had a special place in my heart ?

  • mainerungirl

    My fave medal I have is my Disney marathon medal I got as part of the Dopey challenge this year. I pretty much do whatever I put my mind to but I wasn’t always sure I was going to get that medal until my feet hit the finish line!

    My fave fry is always shoe string fries! :)

  • Rachel Eller

    My favorite medal is the Mercedes marathon medal I earned in 20 12 for running my first Full. It’s so cool and has so much meaning and started my love of running distance.

  • Sarah @ KS Runner

    My favorite medal is my first Boston Marathon medal. It was my first trip with my husband, first time I’d been to Boston, and I hadn’t expected to qualify, so I was so excited to be there.

    Best fry is the curly fry. Probably because I never have them.

    Yesterday was National Nap Day and I missed it!? In fairness, it was mid 60s here, so how could I sleep when I could be outside?!

  • wendy

    although the race itself was really tough because of the heat, my favorite medal is from Wineglass Marathon. it’s a beautiful medal made from Corning glass.

  • jackietracy

    My favorite medal is from the Melbourne Music Half Marathon. When I read the question, I immediately assumed it would be the medal from my first half, but this was actually my second. While the first race helped me realize I was capable of completing a half marathon, the second one is when I felt like I was actually a runner. It showed me that the first one wasn’t a fluke, and that I could do this ?.

  • jackietracy

    My favorite medal is from the Melbourne Music Half Marathon. When I read the question, I immediately assumed it would be the medal from my first half marathon, but this was actually my second. The first one showed me that I could complete a half marathon, but the second one helped me realize that it wasn’t a fluke, and it made me feel like an actual runner. It’s also the prettiest medal I have ?.

  • Rachel Runs Music City

    My favorite medal is last year’s country music half marathon medal. It represents my return to running!

  • Rachael

    Love that message! Running is a gift from God :) My favourite medal is the one from my first full marathon. By rights I still should have been in hospital or at least taking it very easy. But I was running for my buddy, I was running for all those who believed in me and I was running for the Hebrews 12:1 on my heart. Realising the impossible dream was simply wondrous x

  • Oklahoma Runner

    My favorite race medal is the Manchester, NH 1/2 marathon. It is the longest race I have run to date but gave me the confidence to one day go for a full marathon.

  • Juanet

    Hmmm, I don’t really have a favorite medal. They’re all pretty special. I earned five last year and two so far this year. My first ever medal, a 5k, has a special place, because its my first one ever. And later this year I will be earning a spartan spring medal, so you bet your butt that will probably be my favorite for this year haha. :)

  • Edward

    I love my Surf City medal from the Huntington Beach Half this year. Such a cool design with a surfboard and the logo combo. If anyone hasn’t seen it, time to google that one :-)

  • bgondeiro

    I love my Boston marathon medals because every year I have done that race somethibg historic has happened, either personally in my life (like running it pregnant last year) or as an event as a whole. I feel I have a special bond with the Boston Marathon. One of my favorite races.

  • Sheila

    My favorite medal is from my first marathon in 2010 — the Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon. I wanted to run a marathon by the time I turned 40, and I did it! If all goes well this summer and fall, I’ll be running my seventh — the NYC Marathon. I’m so excited!!

  • bgondeiro

    I love my Boston marathon medals because they hold special meaning to me. Every year I have done that race something historic as happened either personally on my life or as an event as a whole. I have ran it pregnant and I love the passion the race gives you.

  • Dominique

    Oh, this is a hard question but good one. The feeling I get every time I cross the finish line and receive a medal is so joyous ?. I had to think hard about this because each medal holds a special ? meaning to me and is my “favorite” at one point. So, having to narrow it down?my favorite medal is actually one that I haven’t received yet but will this October. I will run the Columbus Marathon or Half Marathon (depends on how I do after my first full 5.3.15). It will be my favorite because the money helps to support Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus. My daughter ? spent the first 5 months of her life in a NICU. I have an abundance of gratitude ? for all Children’s Hospitals? .This will be another way for my family to say “Thank ❤️ You” and to help other families.

  • pennajenna

    My favorite medal: GTIS half marathon (Georgetown Idaho Springs). It was my first race, my PR, I was so proud of myself.

    • jenchoosesjoy

      Congratulations! You won the Strut your Stuff medal holder!! Just use the Contact Me section on my blog and send me your name and mailing address:)

  • Christi Hartman

    My favorite race medal is from the Newport Marathon, because it was my Boston qualifier, and it is made of handcrafted glass (no two are the same) that was designed right in Newport. Of course I love my Boston medal too ?

  • lindsey_runs

    Favorite race medal is from last year’s Cleveland Rite Aid Marathon. I helped pace 2 friends to their PR and it was the most exciting, wonderful experience to help others achieve their goal! As for French fries.. anything extra crispy! Speedwork is usually with a friend since I can’t force myself to do it alone!

  • Gretchen | Gretchruns

    The Pittsburgh Marathon always has great medals! I love how they incorporate the bridges and steel/industrial style into the medal. They look amazing!

  • wineatfinishline

    I don’t have a favorite medal but I do have a favorite coffee mug that was given out to top finishers in their age groups. It was from coronados curse 10k in Zuni NM. I drink my coffee from it EVERY day as motivation!!

  • suzysuzyheather

    My favourite race medal? I guess I should say Boston, but it’s actually my 50 mile ultra medal from the Whistler 50.

    • jenchoosesjoy

      Congratulations!! You won the Strut Your Stuff Medal Holder Giveaway! When you have a chance, use the Contact Me section to send me your name and mailing address!

  • Jen K.

    My favorite (other than my first), is one from a local 5K, because it’s got a cartoon witch on it, and what could possibly be better than that???

  • Kimberly @ Life Alluring

    Your dinner looks delicious! I am a lover of all fries… but I would have to say my favorite is probably curly fries with ranch.
    I do speed workouts with one or two friends. It REALLY helps to push me out of my comfort zone.

  • lmicklich

    My favorite race medals are the two I’ve gotten from the Indy 500 Festival Mini because it’s such a big, exciting race, and the medals show the checkered flag which reminds me of running around the speedway.

  • Running ‘N’ Reading

    Jen, when I saw you’d posted your track workout on Instagram I wondered what happened!! Track Tuesday on a Monday? By yourself?!? Bummer! Looks like you did great and I’m glad you were able to get out there, no matter what. I hope you’re having a great day! My favorite race medal is the one I received for completing the Jacob Wells 3 Bridges Marathon; lots of emotion tied up in that one. 😉

  • joannaraines

    My favorite kind of French fries are really crispy sweet potato fries :)

    I do speed work solo… But would love to change that if I found a group that ran early enough in the morning for me!

  • M @readeatwriterun

    I think crinkle fries and cheese dip is a perfectly acceptable dinner! (once in a while…. 😉

  • annahalmrast

    My favorite race medal is from the steamboat springs marathon last year. I saw it two years before that and decided to start running just so that I could run it.

    Cheese sauce and crinkle fries? That sounds like the most amazing thing ever!

  • Bob Oswell

    My favorite race medal is the Tennessee Ragnar medal. It’s got a built-in bottle opener!

  • Shannon

    My favorite race medal is from my first marathon – the Erie Marathon.

  • Sun

    My favorite medal is one I got at the end of a winter running series I did a few years ago. The medal is literally as big as my head. I use it as a coaster :)

    Great job on that workout! Speedy splits! I usually do speedwork alone – I have a tendency to run too fast if I’m with others so better for me to be a lone runner.

  • FLRunnerBoy

    My favorite race medal Jen is my currently one and only medal for the marathon distance. It was the 26.2 with Donna marathon. It’s an amazing medal and what I love about it most is the dolphins on it. Boardwalk fries are my favorite with old bay seasoning mmmmm lol 😛 and those are some crazy fast 400’s missy! Nice job lil’ speedsta! 😉

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  • songsta

    My favorite medal is from the Chicago marathon where I recently PRed. Lovely race with great weather.

  • Jasmine

    My favourite medal is the one from my first ever race! I did the Biggest Loser 5K a couple years ago as my first race and it’s still my favourite medal because that’s when my obsession with running began :)

  • amelia

    My favorite medal is my Sugarloaf marathon after running the 15k. It wasn’t the biggest or fanciest metal, and it wasn’t for the longest distance I’ve ever done but it has the most memories. That race has been my absolute favorite because of all the wonderful people and environment.

  • Lindsay @ A Runnaroundd Life

    There are so many I’m proud of, but one of my favorites is our national championship cross country medal from college!

  • John @ run. geek. run(disney)

    Awesome saying on that medal holder mine has to be my first half, proof to me that I can do it, plus it was runDisney, and I love Disney.

  • megan w.

    Just found your blog from a comment you left on HRG’s blog and was reading through some of your posts. :)

    My favorite race medal is from the Disney Princess half I ran in 2010. I ran it with one of my best friends and it was my husband’s first time to Disney World- lot’s of great memories!

    • jenchoosesjoy

      I’m so glad you visited!! I love HRG:)