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  • C Jester

    This was a great video! Its so true that I hear your voice when I read your posts now!
    I’m thinking of starting a blog- this might be the push I needed. :)
    P.S. I LOVE that you are so happy and joyful! It makes your blog so much fun to read!

    • JenChoosesJoy

      Do it!! Make sure to let me know if you start a blog so I can follow you!

    • Chris Therrien

      Totally agree. It’s refreshing to see someone so joyful!


    This is fun :). Seriously…who could not like you????!!! Is there a such thing as too happy? I know that there are people who don’t like certain things…my problem comes from when it gets vocalized (or typed). Why? If you don’t like somone elses blog or voice or hair or whatever, fine…keep it to yourself :). Just my opinion. Ugh…I need to be consistent I am super inconsistent!
    I have been blogging for 2 years. My favorite part of blogging is the running community…it is basically why I blog!!! It is the reason why I started…I found myself writing book long comments (like this one) on posts and decided I had a lot to share and wanted to blog too!!!!

    • JenChoosesJoy

      I ask the same question…If you don’t like me, why follow me? Oh well!
      And, I totally agree! The run community is incredible!!!

  • Angie @ Pace with Grace Blog

    Great video, Jen! I think its super important to read and comment on other blogs regularly. Support those who support you! I’ve been blogging since April and its definitely a learning process but a lot of fun!

    • JenChoosesJoy

      I don’t think the learning ever ends, but I totally agree….it’s a lot of fun!

  • cheryl

    Fun post. I enjoy your blog. Thanks for the time you put into it.

    • JenChoosesJoy

      Thanks for reading it!!!

  • AmandaM

    Very fun YouTube post if not entirely applicable to me! Even though I do not and will not blog myself, I enjoy reading blogs (especially yours) and learning about what it’s like. There are running blogs out there that are “negative” -for example, “ugh, have to do 20 miler today.. ugh 10 miles on the schedule today… ugh weekend is over, woe is me” Um, why are you running/doing whatever if you don’t like it? but I digress… Just saying that the reason I read your blog is your upbeat attitude and enthusiasm. Not saying that we all don’t have bad days and I’m not saying that I would hold it against you when/if you share those times! It just is refreshing to read your blog and Hungry Runner where it is mostly positive and happy and inspiring.

    So I guess I sort of blog on other peoples’ blogs – ha :)

    • JenChoosesJoy

      This is too funny! You contribute so much through comments that it really is like your own mini blog, and I LOVE it!

  • bubblyrunner

    This post was perfect for a newbie blogger like myself! As a sarcastic person by nature, I definitely need to take your #5 piece of advice to heart….sarcasm doesn’t necessarily translate well in writing, so I’ve been trying my best to be careful!

    • JenChoosesJoy

      I LOVE your blog!!

      • bubblyrunner

        Thank you!!! You just made my day! Which is impressive, considering it’s National Coffee Day and I love coffee.

  • Lynn B

    Great video!! I actually did come across you on the Hungry Runner Girl site! And I like you and your posts! I think they are great. I follow you daily, Let the haters hate:)

    • JenChoosesJoy

      Thanks SOOOO much!!!

  • Jamie Whittendale

    i’ve just been blogging since the end of April – I can’t believe it’s already been that long to be honest! : )

    • JenChoosesJoy

      It flies by doesn’t it?!

  • Kimberly

    This was such a useful post – thank you! I’m going to be re-doing my blog sometime next month because I really want to get more serious about my blogging!

  • Heather Davis

    Thanks Jen I definitely needed this, gives me hope. I am getting a computer this evening and I am so excited to start being able to navigate easier. Sharing is caring!!!!

  • Alaina @ The Simple Peach

    These are some great tips. I will def be applying some of these. In the last week I’ve done an entire overhaul on my blog. It’s now redesigned and I’m working to rebrand. It’s been tough, but is already so much better even if I lost all my content moving to WordPress. How cute is Caroline?!

  • Running ‘N’ Reading

    Such a fun video, Jen! I wish I had more time to commit to my blog but, unfortunately, it is usually the first thing to go…I’d much rather be running and reading, and there are only so many hours left in the day after the hours I spend at work. I’m so glad that you’re enjoying it and learning so much along the way!


    I’m a pretty new blogger (Jan 13,2015), and you have some great tips here. I only follow about 10 blogs maximum myself (yours obviously one of them), because there are just too many good blogs out there, and it is hard to follow all of them and still take care of all your responsibilities. Each blog I follow offers something a little different. So I think trying to find your own little unique angle to your blog helps. I love the youtube videos, but if I am going to be 100% honest, I wish they were a little shorter. For example, this could have easily been done over 2 or 3 videos called blogging tips part 1, 2, 3, etc…. I think sometimes when I see a video is longer than 5 minutes, then I don’t get a chance to watch it right then, and then I forget to come back to it later….. I hope you don’t take that as criticism because I do enjoy your blog and your videos….and I actually missed one video because I didn’t have time to watch it right then and then forgot to come back to it….

  • Maddie @ Dixie Runs

    I’ve only been blogging for about 6 months, so I always love hearing advice!! I follow around 30 blogs I think, but that list always changes. I have a few that I am constantly visiting and then some that I read every once in a while. Yours is one of the constantly visiting ones of course :) Every blog I follow is totally unique and different, and I’ve noticed that the more personal they are, the more interesting they are to me. I love feeling like I’m getting to know a person through their blog instead of just reading about recipes and race times. I love that you give a little glimpse into your life and also offer great running advice (and of course your delicious recipes).

    • JenChoosesJoy

      Thank you SO much and obviously I LOVE your blog!!!

  • Melissa

    I can NOT believe anyone would/could utter a negative word about you, you are so wonderful! And isn’t there a saying or something that a person with a hitch hikers thumb is super creative? :)
    -I subscribe to Jenchoosesjoy, the Ginger runner and you do yoga. I started watching/ listening to pod casts of the Ginger Runner after you posted his video of the 2014 NYC marathon, I was hooked! :)
    -I started blogging in February, but it’s kinda fizzling…:(

    • JenChoosesJoy

      You know I LOVE Ginger Runner!
      Blogging can be a lot of work, so I totally understand how it can fizzle!

  • Jill @ RunEatSnap

    Great post! The world needs more happy people :) I have been blogging ( for about a month now (I think). I LOVE blogging! It’s so fun. You are right about needing to be patient though. I get so excited about my posts (ugh sorry but I do!) and I just want others to read them and get excited too! I recently discovered Bloglovin and that has been great for me to keep up with multiple blogs.
    Q: Did you do giveaways before you had brands helping you out? What is the best way to do this? Thanks!

    • JenChoosesJoy

      I just subscribed to your blog!
      I actually reached out to a few smaller brands and asked if they wanted team up for a giveaway. I didn’t ask for any product for myself or pay, so all they had to do was cover the prize. Isn’t wasn’t long before brands started reaching out to me!

      • Jill @ RunEatSnap

        Thanks! Keep up the great work on your blog!

  • Lauren

    Loved this post!! Such great tips. I love you and your blog (visit daily!) – I just think it’s so fab – and I can relate to you in so many ways!! Also, I get super excited about things too and always use a million !!!! :) I’m still new at blogging (, but it’s super fun and I love writing it, even if it’s just for myself and my fam :)

    PS – one month til NYC has got me all eeeeeek!!!!

    • JenChoosesJoy

      It’s going to be here before we know it!!!

  • corrie

    I finally got to watch this!! It was so great! You did an awesome job and your enthusiasm for blogging pours out of the video! Proud of you..and your thumbs 😉

  • Shannon

    TV lineup was awful Friday night and this video got me through my last 1.5 miles of my gym session. Perfect length :) Love how you touched on being consistent regarding the time of day you post. I know I will always have a gym read and a picture of encouragement on Instagram at 4:45am!

    • JenChoosesJoy

      So awesome…thank you!!!

  • Jenny K

    Loved this! Thanks Jen <3 :)