YouTube Tuesday: What’s in my Rock ‘n’ Blog Box?!

Happy Tuesday, y’all!!

I’m back with my second YouTube video to show you one of the perks of being a Blogging Ambassador for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series!

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Have you run any of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon races?  Which ones?

Are you a brand ambassador?  Share which one and your favorite perks!

Do you own Maui Jim sunglasses? What’s your favorite style?

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  • Megan

    Love your box!! I’m really curious about the cereal!

    And, I know this is completely off topic, but how often do you weight train and what kind of workouts do you do? Your arms look AMAZING! :)

    • JenChoosesJoy

      I do some light free weights about 5 times a week…thank you!!!

    • Jenny K

      Agree with Megan. #gunshow

      • JenChoosesJoy

        Lol, thanks!!

  • Melissa

    What a great video! Loved seeing all those goodies, I have CEP compression socks, they are a life saver! :)
    -I was just thinking that if I ran a marathon in the future it would be fun to run one with a good/laid back atmosphere. I though a Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon would be just what I was looking for, everyone that’s run one has rave reviews :)

    • JenChoosesJoy

      The fun atmosphere really helps!!!


    The videos are fun…and it is your blog….you should definitely continue doing them….love the shirt, too.

    • JenChoosesJoy


  • Beth Rivers

    Love the videos and your blog!! Keep them coming!!
    I’ve done 2 Rock n Roll series races, The Country Music Half and The DC Half. They have great courses and it’s always nice to have the live music. Although we missed the music this year in DC due to it raining the ENTIRE race!
    Great perks!

    • JenChoosesJoy

      I’ll be running Vegas this year for the first time. It should be a lot of fun, too!

  • Angie @ Pace with Grace Blog

    Love your addition of vlogs! Looks like you got some great goodies. I am on the Oiselle Volee team and I am loving the strong sense of community and support of other runners. Also, the gear discounts and goodies are a plus :-)

    • JenChoosesJoy

      I LOVE the Oiselle community!!!

  • Jamie Whittendale

    I ran Philly Rock N Roll half when I lived there, as well as Dallas. Always fun – always awesome expos. I am not a brand ambassador but I would LOVE to be!!

    No Maui Jim’s for me.. I’m a Persol girl through and through! :) Have a fabulous day!!

    • bubblyrunner

      I’m running the Rock n Roll Dallas half this March–how is the course?!

      • Jamie Whittendale

        I loved it! It was pretty overcast and cool when I ran it, so that definitely was a good thing – but the course is beautiful, especially around miles 7-9… you run through a super ritzy residential area… fun to look at all the nice houses :) Good luck!

  • gbena

    I am a NUUN ambassador this year and have loved it. I do own some Maui Jim sunglasses but I bought them over 8 years ago and don’t have a clue what style. No RNR races for me yet but maybe Nashville in 2016. Great video.

    • JenChoosesJoy

      Nashville is a blast, but get ready for heat and hills!

      • gbena

        i have been warned of the hills :)

  • Suzy Hutchins

    I’ve never run a Rock ‘n’ Roll but man would I ever love to! I think Andrew is thinking about running the Phoenix one in January though! So although I won’t be running it, I can still experience it. They sound like so much fun.

    • JenChoosesJoy

      Phoenix is on my bucket list!

  • corrie

    This was super cool!! I loved it and seeing all the goodies you got! And you are so cute! I love that Oiselle tank too!!

    • JenChoosesJoy

      Thank you!!!????????????

  • Alaina @ The Simple Peach

    I had a blast at the Music City half but am dying to run the Rock n Roll in Las Vegas! It’s on my list for sure!

    • JenChoosesJoy

      This year will be my first Vegas!!!

  • Janessa

    How fun! I have only run one Rock’n’Roll race and it was the Nashville one. It was SO much fun though! I am debating running NOLA in February. I am hoping to stumble on a good hotel deal before then.

    • JenChoosesJoy

      Nola is on my bucket list!!!

  • Amanda B @ Cupcakes and Miles

    Love the video! I’ve been wondering what you got in your Rock ‘N Blog box… 😉

    The Vegas RNR is definitely on my list of top ten dream marathons. My boyfriend and I have it for 2016 and would turn it into a vacation if I decide next year is the year.

    I actually just became a Fit2Run ambassador for the local Tampa store. And when I say “just”, I mean it…I don’t even know what kinds of perks I get. I’m so excited though!

    • JenChoosesJoy

      Congratulations!!!! It’s so fun when you get to partner up with a brand you love.
      I’m so excited to run Vegas for the first time this year!

      • Jenny K

        Ahh! We were supposed to run Vegas, and the hubs bailed! Wish I knew you were running. Maybe there is still hope.

        • JenChoosesJoy

          Fingers crossed you can make it!

  • Emily Walters

    Such a fun video! What great goodies! I love fun mail days! And that Oiselle tank just keeps inching higher and higher on my wish list!

    • JenChoosesJoy

      It’s one of my favorites!!!

  • Faygie Moorvitch

    I love your videos! I can’t help but smile while watching them, you’re so upbeat (and, uh, JOYFUL 😉 ).

    My first Rock ‘n’ Roll race is going to be the Las Vegas half. I’m so excited for it, and I hope I get a chance to meet you there!

    • JenChoosesJoy

      This will be my first Vegas…woohoo!!!!

  • Abby

    You are so stinking cute.
    I love your positivity.

    • JenChoosesJoy

      I’m a mess, but thank you!!!

  • GiGi Eats Celebrities

    OOOO! I love that hat! I don’t really wear hats but I LOVE THEM!!! Good for a bad/I didn’t wash my hair – day! LOL!

    • JenChoosesJoy


  • AmandaM

    im also a frosting GU lover. not so much the fruity ones :)

    • Jimbo Gray

      Honey Stinger energy chews! I can eat an entire box at one time. Glad I run. lol

      • JenChoosesJoy

        That’s my husband’s favorite run food!! We’re all just running to eat, lol!????

  • Jimbo Gray

    My new (supposedly healthy) drink is tart cherry juice. I dunno. Does anyone? I’m sure it’s loaded with sugar, albeit naturally.